Heart Chakra Meditation

This guided meditation can be used throughout the day to clear you of anything you are holding onto that is blocking the flow of love, healing, compassion and connection within you.

Record yourself slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down. Close your eyes.


Imagine yourself weightless in a space that has no end, no boundaries but is flowing energy, light and love.

Become more and more aware of how light you are and how free and loose and comfortable you feel.

Notice that the energy of the space around you is flowing in through your chest and moving throughout your body.

Feel this energy cleansing you.

Feel this energy healing you.

As this energy flows out of you, feel it taking with it any blocks in consciousness that have been in the way of you expressing your innate love, health, happiness and compassion.

Notice how fluid you feel.

You are relaxed and spacious and unlimited.

You are pure energy and this energy is light and loving and kind and forgiving and peaceful and energising and whole.

As this energy continues to flow around you and through you, allow yourself to release your grip on all that you have been holding onto.

It is safe for you to let go of doubts.

It is safe for you to let go of fears.

It is safe for you to let go of worries.

It is safe for you to let go of resentments.

The energy flowing through you is clearing your mind and activating your heart and will support you as you do.

Notice what emotions come up for you as you say goodbye to everything you have been holding in your heart that has been blocking you from engaging and expressing your healing powers.

Bless them and let them go.

You do not need them anymore.

You are safe without them.

As you get lighter and looser and more free, allow all of the small and seemingly insignificant grievances, grudges and unhappy memories you have been keeping alive to flow out of you and away from you too.

As old thoughts and emotions and memories leave you, they move out of your energetic, emotional and physical bodies and into the space of loving energy around you where they are neutralised and transmuted back into pure light.

Every time you let something go, notice that the space where you had been holding onto it is filled with light.

You are healing.

You are loving yourself back to health and wholeness.

You are able to do this anytime, anywhere.

There is a great energy flowing in and out of your chest.

Every time it flows in a great expanse or energy fills your heart, your lungs, your head, your torso and moves through the rest of your body, energising you with love, compassion, connection and feelings of happiness and health.

You are timeless.

You are immortal.

You are unaffected by the past or the present or the future.

In this space you are able to connect with the truth of who you really are.

Here there is no fear, there is no anxiety, there is no remorse or bitterness, there is only peace and joy.

You are peace and joy.

You are whole and healthy.

You are able at any time to tune into the lightness of being that is available to you.

Simply let go of what you hold in your heart that blocks its natural flow.

Relax more deeply into the space around you.

Continue to enjoy the feelings of gratitude and appreciation and love that fill you as the energy around you keeps flowing through you, cleansing you, healing you and returning you to who you really are.