How to Stop Feeling Stuck

When we feel stuck we are often unsure about our path or purpose, don’t seem to be achieving what we want to be, can’t work out the best way forwards or aren’t sure how to start being more productive.

When we are in this position the more we try to figure things out from the experience of feeling stuck, the more stuck we seem to be.

Most of us agree that we do not get out of something with the same thinking that got us in. Whilst we can get frustrated enough with our experience of feeling stuck to focus our energy and time on becoming unstuck, to really change our circumstances we need to change our point of view.

Our experience of a situation is created by the thoughts we have about it. Our perspective is totally subjective. Trying to get unstuck by looking at how stuck we are only creates more thoughts and more feelings along the same lines. We long to be free from the weight we feel we are carrying but we don’t know how to escape whilst we are constantly looking at it.

It is only when we notice that we have innocently got ourselves into a loop of thinking that is perpetuating our experience that we allow ourselves to step back from it and let that thinking clear out. From here we are more able to see things from a new perspective and access clarity and insight about what our next step might be.

This may not happen overnight but once we question our experience, we create the space to see things differently.

Over and again we are told by sages, gurus, teachers, healers that thoughts have no power unless we believe in them. Questioning whether we are creating our experience of feeling stuck can make us curious enough to look outside of our narrow vision and see what options exist outside of the line of focus we have been pouring so much energy into.

Our experiences are illusions we create but they feel incredibly real. Our best chance at changing them when they feel overwhelming or are causing us to suffer in some way is to take a breath and let our thoughts flow. When the thoughts about feeling stuck occur, if we let them go we are able to see what other thoughts take their place.

We have the wisdom to know how best to progress in life. When we allow ourselves to get quiet and disconnect from the current reality we are creating, we access answers and insight that lead us forwards. Whether we are directed to an expert in a certain field, figure things out alone, or realise there is actually nothing wrong with our situation other than our thinking about it, we notice opportunities, possibilities and potential that we were unable to before.