I Am Not Special

Hi friends, it’s Lucy here with a personal post. The other day as I was looking at the inspiring social media accounts of spiritual leaders, teachers and coaches and enjoying how much wisdom and clarity and insight they all had to share, I had the thought, I’m not special, thank God. Because if I thought I was I might feel I had to do something about it.

There are so many people working to guide others home, to help them wake up to their truth and their potential and doing it with love and compassion and innate intelligence. It’s a wonderful thing and knowing that I’m not special, that my intuitive gifts, my ability to help people find their power and strength are talents that deep down we all have means I don’t have to prove myself, I don’t have to sell myself, I don’t have to try to stand out from the crowd.

I’m not here to claim a particular status or shine more brightly than anyone else. I believe we are all special or none at all, that we all have latent abilities and untapped potential and that we all have the intuition, wisdom and insight to find out who we really are and help others do the same.

For this reason it thrills me to see people working in this field doing well, connecting with their audience, inspiring those they’ve never met and I am so pleased there are more and more doing this work. I’m not out here alone. I’m also not trying to fit in or stand out. I’m not seeking my niche or looking for a way to get in with anyone. I’m here, showing up in the way I am guided to, sharing content I hope helps guide others and working with those who feel I can support them best on their journeys.

There is so much pressure to compare and compete in the world of business and I am happy to not engage with that in any way. Why would I compare myself to someone who has lived and lives a completely different life to me? Who is not me? Who is doing their work and not mine? Why would I feel as if their doing well jeopardises my chances? I am grateful for everyone who is doing the work to overcome who they are not and in doing so are showing others what is possible for them. How could I not be?

And so I share this in the hope that if you’re reading these words and have felt that you need to prove your work is better than, more remarkable than, outstanding in order to make it, in order to create an audience and it doesn’t feel authentic to you, don’t. Trust your truth, follow your path, believe in where your wellbeing is guiding you. We don’t have to feel threatened or panicked when we see other people doing well and we don’t have to find a way to be more special than them.

The people that see what I am doing and want to be a part of it have a special experience because I work with them from a desire to connect and share on an equal level. They enjoy our time together because I am not trying to do anything other than be present with them in order to guide them back to themselves. I am not special, thank God because we all are or none at all and when we see this, we are free to celebrate ourselves and others and the work we are all doing, without proving we deserve to because we know we are all worthy, all gifted, all blessed and all doing our best to show up and live well and help others do the same.