In Flow Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to help you embrace your natural ability to flow with life.

Record yourself slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Find somewhere quiet where you can block out the light.

Lie down.

Breathe deeply, in and out through your nose.

Feel the peace and calm of the breath moving through your body as you relax.

Allow your physical self to melt into the surface you are lying on, releasing all tension and tightness.

Let your thoughts flow through your mind like clouds through the sky.

You can resume focus on them later.

Right now is time for you.

Right now is time to experience the wellbeing that exists before, beneath and beyond your thinking.

The wellbeing that is the root of all love and peace and health in your life.

When you are paying attention to its messages and signs and cues, you flow with the ebb and tide of experience.

You are naturally calm and kind to yourself and you find it easy to adapt and accept change.

When events go other than planned, you find solutions, helpful action and refuse the pull of the ego to shame, blame and criticise.

From wellbeing you are able to see the bigger picture.

You are able to stay rooted in your feelings of compassion and love when you make mistakes or misuse your time.

Or when others make mistakes or misuse their time.

You are able to appreciate your choices and understand your desires and be gentle with yourself when you feel conflicted and frustrated.

It is no problem to waste time when you are happy to learn from your choices when you do it.

It is no issue to make mistakes from inattention when you are self forgiving enough to see why and when and how you did.

It is simple to be well and feel well and act well when you operate from your true spirit.

It is your default setting to flow with life no matter what your ego is telling you.

You do not need to self criticise or self demand or self loathe.

You do not need to project these feelings onto others.

You can flow with the results of unhelpful action or unconscious choices.

Resistance creates struggle which leads to unease and unhappiness.

Forgiveness leads to peace which allows space for reflection and insight.

Living in flow is living in grace.

Grace elegantly leads you to move effortlessly with life.

In grace, you allow, you respond and you settle.

In grace you accept, you move with life and not against it.

You are designed to live in grace.

You are designed to live in flow.

You do not need to change your environment to access peace and wellbeing.

You are able to get clear on the healthiest way to move on.

You are blessed with the intelligence to preserve life and health and joy.

You are designed to know the best ways to ride the waves of life.

Flow leads to action that is healthy and life affirming.

Flow leads to processing and learning and growth.

Flow is the state of continuous change and movement.

It is the opposite of stagnation where there is no development or growth.

Flow is a part of the continuous stream of intelligence that gives life to us from an energy of total awareness and love.

You feel this when you are inspired.

You feel this when you are motivated.

You feel this when you are guided.

You lose sight of this when you fuel thoughts of anxiety, stress and hate.

You disconnect from this in your mind when you act upon feelings of tension and depression and frustration.

You are able to flow.

You are able to relax.

You are able to let life carry you.

You are designed to live in grace.

You are equipped to operate from bliss.

You are prepared to respond well to change and inconvenience and mishaps.

 You can choose to experience peace.

You can choose to practice love.

You can choose to enjoy the ups and the downs of the course of your life.

You have the capacity to thrive.

You have the intelligence to heal.

You have the wellbeing to remain whole and well and resilient in the face of unexpected change and challenges.

You can flow.

You do flow.

You are flow.

You are growth.

You are expansion.

You are life.

You are not threatened by change.

You are not at risk of failure.

You remain complete within at all times.

Be gentle with yourself.

Be loving with others.

Allow yourself to flow through your day knowing all is well within.

You are designed to default to wisdom.

Inconveniences, mistakes and changes to your plans lead to opportunities, lessons and insights.

You can welcome them.

You can accept them.

And you can always respond from wellbeing as you flow along with them.