Insightful Impulses vs Unhelpful Urges

An impulse is a desire to do something that stems from a space of knowing that bypasses the reasoning and intellect of the conditioned mind and is born of an intelligence that exists before, beneath and beyond it. Impulses come from who we really are and are motivated by insight, wisdom and the soul’s calling to manifest in the world in a way that is aligned with our innate health and happiness and our creative potential and spiritual power.

An urge is a desire to act that stems from the responses of the conditioned self to the world it filters through its biases, fears and prejudices. It comes from a need to stay safe by keeping the illusory self in tact, reacting to life in a way that we know is unhelpful when we witness the feelings our urgent thinking creates which are reflective of how unhelpful, unstable or untrustworthy our state of mind is in the moment.

When we trust our intuition, we may not always be able to justify our impulses with the logical mind but we have a knowing that we are on the right path or making the right decision even if it seems otherwise. When we trust the ego, we can justify our urges with arguments about what is deserved or warranted and we feel the effects of this thinking as a clear sign that we are turned away from truth, health and wellbeing; if we don’t realise this or acknowledge it, the strength of these feelings can be taken as evidence that we are right in our choices.

Insightful impulses will lead us towards growth, expansion and the expression of our highest selves. Unhelpful urges will more deeply establish the ego, turning us towards limiting beliefs and a limited expression of self that is caught up with proving itself, wronging others and viewing itself as separate, affected by life and justified in acting on the feelings these beliefs create.

We can know the difference between insightful impulses and unhelpful urges by assessing the thinking and feeling that creates and accompanies them. Insightful impulses simply occur and they feel like new understanding, like illumination, like knowledge. Unhelpful urges are generated by thinking that reduces our capacity to understand, to learn, to evolve, to think clearly and they feel like stress, tension, instability or even an overwhelming euphoria or manic excitement. Insightful impulses lead us in the direction of joy, evolution and learning, unhelpful urges in the direction of contraction, unease and stagnation.

When we begin to be more interested in the growth and development our wellbeing is always guiding us towards than the known and familiar experience the ego creates for us, we will naturally become more curious about the way we engage with and take part in life and how we create and respond to our thinking and feelings. When we begin to see that we do have a choice about how we act in and experience the world, we will start to align with who we really are as we make healthier, happier choices.

This will lead us to learn to trust the wisdom that is always guiding us towards health and happiness and notice how unhappy and unhealthy we often feel when we listen to and follow the guidance of the ego. We have a choice not to act on unhelpful urges which we know do not work out for the highest good of all and instead trust in our insightful impulses which lead us to act with a clarity and awareness that exist outside of the bounds of the limited mind.

We have access to truth, peace, harmony and grace and we are always being alerted when we are not acting from and inspired by them in the way we are approaching life. If we learn to trust that our feelings are messages about the direction we are heading in, alerting us when we are turned away from wisdom rather than proving unhelpful thinking to be true and accurate, we will be more willing to allow unhelpful urges to pass by when they come up so that we have the space to experience insightful impulses, the stillness to hear them and the awareness to follow them.