Interview: Evoking Truth and Beauty through Adornment with Meagan Steele Henry

Meagan Steele Henry is the founder of jewellery company Steele Henry, a brand that strives to connect their customers to the energy of the universe, fundamental truth and beauty through fine adornments created in high conscience.

What inspired you to create your jewellery line?

A simply relentless itch to create, to be my own boss. For years, I had felt this thing churning inside of me but didn’t yet know what it was, until I knew. I went to SCAD for a BFA in the business of fashion. I dabbled in that at Ralph Lauren for a few years, then wanted out of fashion and went to run Sakara Life’s online mag, S-Life. From there, I wanted out in order to move off-grid to the Big Island of Hawaii and start Steele Henry.

Inspired by the law of focus, and continually fueled by pairing back to only that which is most necessary, my intention is to connect the world market through symbolical, geometric body adornment and a romantic technological platform, to celebrate the spirit of story and the metaphysical brilliance in design.

It’s silly for me to reflect on how I wanted out of ‘fashion’ for something more ‘meaningful’, only to find that meaning and conscious creation may be imbued into anything that we do; we ourselves create the rules, set the standards. And so, here I am today, creating from a place of purity and love. For me, that just so happens to manifest as fine jewellery.

What is the story Steele Henry tells?

Steele Henry tells allegories in adornment, metaphysical or ‘spiritual’ stories tied to physical body jewels that intend to inspire and remind the wearer of their own beauty in everything. I consume everything, not just jewels, in this way and so I naturally seek to inspire conscious consumption, urging customers to create purpose and sentiment behind what they gravitate towards.

I remembered my origin as sacred geometry. Furthermore, I remembered my sovereign right to create allegories that imbue this geometry with significance, with purpose. The creative force, the creative shapes, pulling all the strings and making matter real, is the same as the force that gives life to my mind and heart.

Consumption is only superficial when we decide for it to be. We can consume absolutely anything with awareness and purpose. Steele Henry tells this story and inspires this mode of navigating such a complex society.

How can jewellery connect us to the beauty of who we are?

Jewellery is the beauty of who we are! We are not separate from it. That which we see in something we adore, like jewellery, already lives within us. We are it. It is us. One in the same beauty. This is why we are attracted to it. All is a mirror of our own essence. This realisation continuously inspires me and sets me free.

Everything is made in beauty and perfection and love.

Alchemical processes and terrestrial elements combine with the underlying quantum truth of matter, to manifest fine, wearable geometry as a means of urging it’s owner to experience the holistic beauty they choose to wear.

What motivates your creativity?

Mama Earth. The Cosmos. My Universe. Omnipotent Love.

Is creation essential to a healthy, happy life?

Stagnancy is illness. Illness denotes a lack of health and joy. It is absolutely essential for us to create in this life. It’s our inherent nature and therefore we are never not creating!

I strive to maintain a potent conscience for the inevitable health that an awareness of this planet’s resources — and the limits of human relations — will bring.

Even in dis-ease, all is perfect and balancing itself back out. Seek creativity and take responsibility for your contribution here. What wants to manifest will flawlessly flow from there. Don’t judge it.

Where does creation come from? Is it a spiritual experience for you?

Stillness. Chaos. Nothing. Everything. Light. Mathematics. All is Spirit to me.

What do you hope your customers gain from their purchase?

My intention is that with the adornment of a Steele Henry piece, the wearer may be continuously reminded of their truth and fundamental nature: holy geometry, balance, beauty.

Birthed from my deep love, appreciation for, and personal connection to the alchemy and heritage that is luxury jewellery.

My prayer is that each wearer imbues their own meanings and allegories into a piece. To see and experience their own beauty in everything! To embody unity. To love endlessly. That each piece be purposeful and symbiotic with their unique life.