Interview: Experiencing Your Best Health with Dr Ben Kim

Dr Ben Kim is a chiropractor and acupuncturist living and working in the greater Toronto area in Canada. Dr Kim’s website attracts hundreds of thousands of people seeking advice on how to experience their best health. Dr Kim also runs an online shop selling superfoods, supplements, personal care items, books and audios.

What motivated your career in health?

I’m a grateful son, brother, husband and father who has long found personal fulfillment in sharing resources and ideas on how to experience optimal health. My primary motivation from the start has been to share action steps that have helped me and those I have been privileged to work with experience better health.

I don’t have answers for every health challenge but I do feel that in the years since entering private practice in 1997, I have learned what the most important determinants of good overall health are and I regularly write about these determinants.

What is your number one tip for experiencing good health?

My feeling is that it takes two ingredients to consistently make healthy choices that support your self healing mechanisms. The first is an understanding of your body’s self healing design. The second is a strong enough reason for wanting to be healthy for as long as possible. When you have both, it becomes almost natural to make daily choices that fully support your innate healing capacity.

Get clear on why you want to experience your best health.

Through my years of practice and consulting, I have helped enough people recover from severe and chronic health challenges to know that there is always reason to hope for and expect improvement with your health if you apply the principles found throughout the website.

Do you believe that thoughts and emotions affect physical health?

Absolutely – I believe that our thoughts and emotions are primary determinants of our health status and capacity for healing.

The site wouldn’t be possible without initial contributions by my wife, Margaret Chuong-Kim. Margaret holds a B.A. in psychology from York University, and an M.A. in counselling psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology.

What is your advice for anyone struggling with ill health?

If you want to experience your best health, your job is to support your body’s self cleansing mechanisms every day.

♥ Eat mainly nutrient-rich foods; avoid foods that are high in calories and low in nutrient-value.

Easy Healthy Recipes

♥ Develop a regular practice of movement and mobility work to be functionally strong and agile.

Movement Patterns, Stretches, and Exercises to Improve Mobility

♥ Breathe deeply from the diaphragm and in the presence of fresh air as much as possible.

Simple Breathing Exercises for Improved Health

♥ Prioritise regular restful sleep.

How to Sleep Better

♥ Aim to be around emotionally intelligent people.

How to Protect Your Health Against Toxic Behavior

Be hopeful in knowing that if you make healthy choices, your body’s self healing mechanisms will get their best possible chance to restore your health.

What is your hope for the health of mankind?

That each person finds ways to love and be loved.