Interview: Healthy Skin with Alexandra Soveral

Alexandra Soveral is a world renowned skin care designer, cosmetic formulator, facialist, aromatherapist and perfumer who believes in the power of natural ingredients.

When did you first become interested in skin care?

As a child I used to read the back of toiletry packaging in the bath and wonder what it all meant. I much preferred my mother’s homemade lavender infused oils.

What motivated you to make it your profession?

Believing we can do much better in skin care. I just had to give it a go.

With all the new science and technology available we should be producing much more advanced products that are in harmony with ours bodies as well as the planet.

We believe in the power of truth, in delivering a product that speaks the true language of nature, manufactured in the true nature of craftsmanship and developed using cutting edge true science; as opposed to today’s make believe pseudoscience.

Do you have a sixth sense when it comes to skin?

Yes. You cannot be a good facialist and not instinctively know skin when you touch it. Quality of touch is innate, never learned.

Why is it important that we use natural products on our skin?

Why is it important that we eat natural food? The answer is the same. I have designed this skin care line after much research into the world of essential oils. I am a firm believer of their unique power. After all, they are what gives life to every skin care product. They are the living essence of the plant, active and powerful.

What do your products offer that others don’t?

They are hand blended by myself under low temperatures so that natural vitamins are preserved. They have integrity, the ingredients are the best available. Just like a good chef, I’m very proud of my ingredients.

All products are hand blended at the London lab using the highest quality ingredients, all natural and whenever possible from organic origin.

I am very passionate about my craft and everything that I create. I’m always looking for new ways to improve what I have to offer.

What are your daily skin care routines?

In the morning I always start my day with dry face (and body) brushing. It stimulates blood flow and gets my lymphatic system going. I cleanse with Awaken, a light but effective cleansing milk and then move onto my facial massage.

I always massage with a good quality oil full of essential fatty acids and nutrients.

Once the oil is nicely worked in to the skin I top this up with a bit of eye cream and a moisturiser. Every evening I always thoroughly remove any makeup and all the pollutants from the day with my trusted Angel Balm deep pore cleanser. I then follow with oil and more massage, eye cream and moisturiser.

Why do you think we are struggling to maintain healthy skin nowadays?

We need to invest more into the health of our skin and less in quick fixes, instant results and anything that may improve the appearance of the skin but that’s not actually good for its health. For me healthy skin is youthful skin, one cannot have youthful looking skin if their skin is not healthy. Anything that causes inflammation of any kind is not good for the skin. Inflammation is just another word for injury.

What is your number one piece of advice for getting to the route of skin issues?

There’s no effect without cause.

Skin issues happen for a reason, we need to find that reason which invariably stems from lifestyle, an oversensitive nervous system or simply genetics; in most cases the three are connected.

Whatever the cause is, knowing it will help you understand your skin issues and will give you valuable information on how to tackle them.

Header image: Trent McMinn • Second image: Andrew Crowley