Interview: Reconnecting with Self and Source in Manifestation Practice with Natalie Brite

Natalie Brite is a business and alignment activation coach based in Ohio who specialises in holding space for women to unleash their truth, step into their authentic power and co create their personal and professional life ambitions.

What lead you to your current work?

I was first introduced to my passion for energy, vibration and mindset work at a really young age. I grew up in a home that was all about the woo as I call it; crystals, meditation, talking about the Universe and the power of the mind and our energy was a common discussion. I used to be incredibly turned off by these things, though and steered away from integrating them into both my business and life for quite some time due to fear and lack of understanding as to how to make these topics work for me. In my late 20s I started my first business that was centered around life coaching and that was when I also began deep diving into law of attraction, vibration and mindset work that led me to falling in love with the power of co creating with the Universe and building a hyper aligned reality.

I was so sick and tired of seeing those around me lose themselves, their inner being and their joy due to getting stuck on the hamster wheel of surface level living.

The more I learned, the more I understood the power of bringing energy and alignment into entrepreneurship and got to see first hand what sort of impact that could make on one’s ability to attract what they want into their work or lives. It was through getting so burnt out with the normal approaches to living life – the approaches of grinding, hustling, striving and leading business and life with major masculine energy – that lead me into wanting to find a better way to create a blissed out reality. I became obsessed with learning and teaching how to create careers and lifestyles that exuded excitement and abundance in the present tense.

How did you come across manifestation?

My first introduction to beginning to bring manifestation work into my life was back when The Secret first came out.  Like many, I was instantly turned on by the idea that my thoughts could create my reality, yet there was something off with The Secret for me that led me to tossing the law of attraction concepts aside for many years until I picked it back up with a new lens of focus.  As I started getting more and more tired of having entrepreneurship and goal achievement be so focused on external forcing, I began to deep dive into law of attraction, vibration and energy work because I loved the concept of being able to begin shifting out of this need to externally strive, hustle and grind and rather, do the deeper internal work of aligning with and activating your abundance potential through learning how to apply the law of attraction to your life.

What have you discovered since then?

Since bringing in manifestation practices into both my work and personal life, I can easily say everything has changed. I’ve now been studying many deep therapies relating to brain waves, neurological patterning, cultural and lineage conditioning and deep belief work that has really taken my opinion of manifestation and law of attraction to all new levels!

For many, I think we think of law of attraction and manifestation as this shiny, easy practice of “think it and you will receive it!” Yet, this can be so frustrating for people because truly, these laws are so much deeper and more complex.

There is a beautiful science at work that is then meshed with this powerful connection to the Universe, where, if you begin the journey of truly learning how to go deep with your manifestation work you will be able to shed such deeply rooted limiting beliefs and start to gain so much freedom on a mind, body, soul, life and work level. I’m excited to see the changes happening both within business and the way we live our lives, where people are craving to shift into this lens of focusing on changing themselves on a mindset level and energetic level so that they can thus change their story and reality.

What do you mean by co creating?

Co creating is something that I look at as a partnership between the individual and the Big U (the universe as I call her ).  We tend to always see ourselves as separate from the whole. We see ourselves as separate from the Universe/ God/ Source, separate from that which we want to manifest, separate from that which we desire and want. This separation creates massive scarcity and lack mentality and also takes us away from the fact that there is no separation. We are constantly co creating with the Universe on a daily basis.

The Universe wants to support us, wants us to be happy, wants to provide. 

We constantly are co creating our reality every single second through the thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions we feel and take. When we shift into focusing on co creating, we bridge the gap between that which we are and that which we desire; it creates a sense of wholeness, enoughness, support and connection. When we tap into our ability to co create, we see that we are not just a part of the whole, we are the whole and that wholeness is unlimited and so abundant. Co creating helps us so much to manifest and call what we want into our lives because it builds that awareness that that which we desire already exists due to the fact that we are a part of the Universe and the Universe is unlimited in abundance.

What is your advice for practicing manifestation?

Manifestation is not just a one and done practice. It takes commitment, forming habits, repetition, consistency. For many, it takes a complete lifestyle overhaul, for it is so much about what we are doing (or not doing) daily when it comes to manifestation. To practice manifestation takes daily mindfulness, consciousness and awareness of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, self talk, vibration, energy and actions (and how they are impacting your manifestation abilities), as well as awareness toward your blocks, resistance and limitations that are hiding you and your ability to manifest (and how to shed that which is holding you back from attracting what you want).

Do you believe we manifest the hard or unhappy experiences we go through?

Oh I love this question! I wholeheartedly believe that every life experience serves such a deep purpose, even the really hard, horrendous experiences. I believe that there is a good possibility that at some soul level, we did chose the negative experiences we go through, maybe not in this life but possibly in a past, because though they are hard or horrendous, they are necessary for our evolution and awakening.

Looking back on some of the worst experiences of my life, I can now look at those experiences and find the silver linings; the lessons.

Many times when I ask clients if they would take back their dark moments in life that they’ve learned how to now process, heal and release, they say no because the experiences were what brought them to their expansion and higher self. Now, did we manifest the really awful things? I would like to say no.  I don’t know if we can say we manifested the horrendous, devastating circumstances but I think we can say they served a necessary purpose for the awakening of the collective and for the awakening of ourselves. All pain, though unpleasant, is necessary. I think it goes so much deeper than just manifesting here, because we definitely didn’t want the negative experiences, yet they serve their purpose none the less.

How can we align with our authentic energy?

One thing that I think is so important to realise is we are authentic and we are aligned. It is outside circumstances, our resistance, cultural patterning and our conditioning that derails us from our essential truth. To align with our authentic energy is to come back home to our natural essence. In order to do this we have to shed and release all that is hiding us.

What can we do to connect with our worth?

Our worth is connected to our ability to fully know that we are enough and then to be able to embody that enoughness daily. To connect to your worth is to connect to your inner being and love that authentic essence: that which is you at your core truth. This takes, again, a lot of shedding of that which disrupts our ability to see, honour and love our truth and then work on strengthening our personal power. Belief work, release work, authenticity activation work.

What do you mean by ‘calling in’?

Calling in is setting the clear, purposeful intention of that which you want to bring into your life (or aka what you want to manifest). I have been noticing that language is so powerful in the world of manifestation.

Calling in is a decision. It is a decision of stating that you deserve and are capable of attracting a specific desire into your life.

Even when I say manifestation, I notice how that word impacts my opinions and thoughts of the law of attraction and our ability to attract what we want into our reality. When you call in, you are making a declaration with the Big U that you are open to receive whatever intention you set.

What do you feel is the first step to co creating?

Reconnecting with self and source. A daily alignment practice is everything when it comes to co creating. The more you can connect to your inner being and come back home to your authentic essence and then the more you can raise your vibration and tap into the powers at work, the more you will feel the power of the Universe and be able to see just how supported you are. This work is not something we can do sometimes – like anything it takes time, effort, consistency and going deeper. To co create, we must show up to ourselves and source. We must do the work, shed that which doesn’t serve us and basically choose ourselves daily. Co creating takes belief, trust and openness. The more you believe, trust and become an open channel, the more you will be able to co create that which you desire.