Interview: The Intuitive Nature of Art with Sonja Blaess Eigelshoven

Sonja Blaess Eigelshoven is a Swiss artist who works intuitively to explore the connection between the internal and the external through her nature inspired abstract and fantasy paintings.

How long have you been painting? Did you train as an artist?

I started to draw when I was six years old. My mother and my grandfather were painters. Professionally I have been painting for 15 years now.

No, there was never training. I just loved to be creative and it grew day by day.

Is it a calling?

Painting is the moment when I forget everything else. I feel deeply connected to some higher spirit. It is the spiritual power that creates my paintings.

I paint intuitively so there is no planning in my work, I just do it.

I play with colour and texture. I have had different themes in the time I’ve been working, one grew out of the other. Again, no plan, just flow.

Is the process of transforming inspiration into physical art a spiritual one for you?

Yes, painting to me is a very spiritual process.

Do you ever worry about your art receiving criticism or being misunderstood?

No. I am lucky with my followers and have never really had much criticism. I am authentic in my work and I think that is very important. If I would try to please my audience, I would lose it all: skills, spirit and happiness.

What inspires you?

I get inspired by nature because I love to spend time there. Nature changes by seasons and I love this: the change of colour and light is my inspiration.

My paintings show nature not from this planet. It’s fantasy. To me it has to be fun to paint them.

My work is free and emotional. Again, there is no plan, only intuition.

Have you ever had a period where you weren’t creating?

I am again very lucky. I need to work mostly every day and my flow never stopped so far. After my children, painting comes next. I really love what I am doing.

Why is it so important for us to find a mode of self expression in the world?

The world these days is complicated and we are not free anymore. Even though we consume many things, they won’t give us the freedom of being independent. I express myself by painting very colorfully, free and happy.

Positive energy to me is very important and if we can hold this energy we even give it to people.

If people tell me that they get happy looking at my work, it makes me happy too. What else could I ask for? What else could the world ask for than freedom and happiness?