Interview: The Pros of a Raw Food Diet with Mimi Kirk

Mimi Kirk is a raw plant based vegan, an international speaker, classically trained raw chef, and personal life and health coach as well as a mother of four and grandmother of seven. Mimi is a best selling author currently working on her fifth book. At 78, Mimi defies ageing and in 2009 was named Peta Prime’s sexiest vegetarian over 50.

What motivated your diet change?

Early in life, my early thirties, I became vegetarian for the compassion I felt towards animals. and a few years later vegan.

Feeling like you’re in your 20s at age 78, is quite an amazing thing.

I accredit this youthful look and spirit not only to my attitude, but really to my way of eating which is a raw vegan plant based lifestyle.

Why raw?

In my late 60s, I started eating the standard American diet after meeting my boyfriend who ate that way. I gained 22 pounds and a visit to my doctor showed my blood pressure and cholesterol were elevated. Since prescription drugs were not something I wanted to start taking, research showed a raw food diet cured many diseases including what ailed me, which also included the beginning of arthritis.

How has a raw diet changed you spiritually?

I’ve been meditating since the age of 30 so I’ve been spiritual for many years, but I do believe the cleaner you eat the more in touch you become with your spiritual side.

Body, mind, and spirit go hand in hand.

Why do people give up on diets that make them feel good?

I’ve heard many excuses from my coaching clients and had a few myself over the years. I think one needs a strong commitment. Mine is my age. I don’t have time to say, ‘oh in a few years I’ll stay with this diet’. I know the time is now. Who wants to feel old and unhealthy?

Do you believe our society is prematurely ageing?

I definitely do. Processed foods filled with chemicals and preservatives, animal products and stress are known to be ageing. Who wants Botox and plastic surgery? Not me. I don’t mind lines on my face. I like seeing who I am. I just want to feel energetic and ageless.

The earlier you start the better you will feel and look as you age. 

What’s your number one tip for feeling great?

My diet I believe is number one. Eat fresh organic unprocessed food.

What is your hope for the health of humankind?

My lofty wish is that we all become vegan and stop killing to eat. It’s not necessary. It’s so brutal, all one has to do is watch some of the films out today and I would hope any conscious compassionate person would agree.