Interview: Working with the Skin’s Symbiotic System with Nadine Artemis, Living Libations

Nadine Artemis is the creator of Living Libations, a line of serums, elixirs and essentials oils for those seeking botanical health and beauty products. Nadine is the author of Holistic Dental Care and Renegade Beauty, her new book, due for release in November 2017.

When did you discover the benefits of oil for skin?

I discovered how beautiful oil is for the skin from reading about the herbal traditions of ancient Berber women. These women had developed highly sophisticated ablutions and I found in their realm of beauty secrets that they would oil their skin for cleansing and renewing. They lubricated their skin with exquisite, fresh pressed fats. This led to the creation of our all-in-one line of Best Skin Evers. Similar to the ancient Berber tradition, the Best Skin Ever line employs oil to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise the skin.

Why are oils so good for skin care?

Modern skin care routines often suppress the beauty of our skin’s symbiotic system. The bacteria domesticating our dermis are altered by what is applied topically. Just as toxic food and chemical irritants induce leaky guts by microscopically perforating the intestines, the rubbing and scrubbing of our skin with a daily diet of chemical cleansers
and creams fumigates our friendly flora. This defoliation of our flora-nation makes microbes extinct. By removing this protective bacteria and their food source of sebum, cells and lipids, we disrupt the homeostasis of our skin’s oasis.

Let ancient plant wisdom revolutionise your skin care!

Studies show that surfactants in cosmetics dissolve our skin’s natural ceramides, enzymes and hydro-lipid barrier. These surfactants that make skin squeaky clean also insert themselves into the stratum corneum and stay there even after rinsing, initiating chronic degradation to this delicate layer. This results in inflammation and microbial elimination,
which may manifest as melasma, blemishes, redness, dryness and irritated skin. Chronic damage to this layer essentially exterminates our skin’s First Responders to injury and infection and along with it goes our moist envelope of protection. Venturing into the world without the integrity of this top layer and its full flora intact is like leaving the front door wide open while away on vacation.

Do oils suit every skin type?

Yes, though not all oils are equal. Jojoba is a beautiful oil for oily and dry skin. Yet oils like almond, grapeseed, peach kernel may be compromised with other oils and they are often rancid right off the store shelf. Of course, mineral/ petroleum based oils are not good for any kind of skin.

As a flower beams luminously on a sunny day, your face will radiate with health.

Speaking of skin types, it is all hype! The skin type classifications – dry, sensitive, combination, oily and acne prone – are not types but symptoms of unbalanced skin. You do not need to know, categorise, or label your skin type. Bust free from all that renders your skin sensitive and unstable: aggressive skin care products that strip the skin and banish beneficial flora, out of balance hormones, deficient nutrition and inefficient digestion. Beautiful skin is the perfect poise of what you put on it and what you put in you. Once you are properly feeding the internal and the external, your skin will become strong, resilient and radiant on its own because that is the true nature of skin.

What benefits will people see immediately?

Washing with oils often provides instant relief and aid to skin in distress. Scars fade, acne eases (often overnight), the skin’s microbiome is replenished, pores are adored instead of clogged, a healthy glow is restored and the skin’s texture and tone even.

What are your favourite products from the range?

Depending on the season, which products are my favorites frequently changes. Here are my favorite products today:

I adore the aromatic profiles of sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh together and they are a powerful trio to nourish and protect summer skin. Sandalwood essential oil and sandalwood nut oil help the skin harmonise with our dear old friend, the sun and in the summer I love to soak up the rays.

I just finished writing a new book, Renegade Beauty and so I have spent many, many hours this year in front of a computer screen. Open Sky Eye Serum has been a refreshing friend for my eyes. This cool blue serum calms and soothes tired eyes, puffy skin, dark circles and fine lines. A firming fluid of pure plant botanicals, it creates a super saturation of organic hydration.

Flowers in Her Hair Dry Shampoo is so handy! I can clean and scent my hair anytime and anywhere in mere moments – without getting in the shower. It is the perfect formula for extending time between washings. And, it makes my hair smell like springtime.

Night Flight to Venus is my go-to perfume for summer sultry sensuality. It is exquisitely feminine and floral with soft citrus notes.

Maiden Fern Blushing Balm is a unique blushing balm that lends the skin a rosy blush with natural red pigments and circulation boosting essences. With a little mascara and a dab of the blushing balm on my lips and cheeks, I am ready to face the world.

How do you formulate your products?

The dream team of all the wisdom that has gone before me inspires me to connect continually with the universe within. It ignites me to think innovative thoughts that lead my hands to create luscious formulas that are simply an extension of Creation. My hands serve at the pleasure of plants and flowers, the original owners of essences and oils. This dream team, the intelligent joy juice of flora, is the muse for all Libation creations. Plants are cosmic chemists, endlessly assembling the molecules of the world and we live by the grace of this assembly. My life has been a total immersion in beautiful botanical essences and they continue to teach me so much about health, beauty and immunity. I feel like my creation-equation looks something like this:

Envisioning + Synesthesia + Mediation = Creation

And then, when inspiration effervesces and my fingertips tingle to create, I surround myself with beautiful bottles of botanicals and set my mind to formulate. Formulating new products is the happiest part of my profession.

Pure plant oils maintain their natural wisdom in balancing the skin, gifting every face with grace.

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