Let Love Take Over

How often are we in a good mood or feeling joyful only for an event that we perceive to be negative or uncomfortable to throw us off track and take over our experience? And how often does the same thing happen when we are feeling well and whole until an unhappy memory occurs and we get taken over by the emotions of it?

Why do we not simply reverse the situation by letting love take over?

If we get to choose the thoughts we focus on and the feelings they create, why don’t we let love take over when we feel thrown off track by experiences that start to weigh us down with unhappiness, fear, paranoia or insecurity? Why don’t we let love take over when we get lost in stressful visions of the future or painful memories of the past?

We are so good at getting lost down a hole of despair when things don’t go as we hoped or planned or needed but what if we reprogrammed ourselves to be just as good at letting love pull us out, getting us back on track and refocusing our attention on healthy thoughts and the feelings of peace and wellbeing they engender?

Many who work in wellbeing claim that we are free when we can connect with peace in the moment of challenge and recall memories with neutrality and it is love that enables this. Love of life, love of self, love of the innate wisdom and creative energy that guides us and seeks our success, love of our ability to let love take over any time we allow it to.

Love takes us out of our heads and into our hearts. It reminds us of who we really are and what actually matters.

Now is the time to set our intentions for lives that fulfill us and expand us and foster a connection to internal wellbeing and happiness. Now is the time to let love take over and guide us. There is no better time than now to start practising love, letting love soothe us and teach us and motivate us because love is all there is and this life is so much more enjoyable when we allow it to take over and lead the way.

Image: Blue Ridge Blooms