Let’s Take Life Less Seriously

Let’s give ourselves a break from the illusions of seriousness.

Let’s take a breath and reconvene our energy.

Let’s have fun and play time in our day.

Let’s drop the veil of unhappiness and uncover our joy.

Let’s remember to pay attention to the things that delight us.

Let’s focus our energy on light and on love.

Let’s invest in opportunity and potential and possibility.

Let’s laugh at the things we’ve have made so heavy.

Let’s let go of the things that weigh us down.

Let’s rediscover meaning in the joys of the world.

Let’s plan for success and release attachment to outcomes.

Let’s envision our dreams and enjoy the steps along the way.

Let’s strengthen our hearts against doubters and naysayers.

Let’s cast off false limits and refresh our perspective.

Let’s refuse definition, constraints and labels.

Let’s no longer place meaning where none need exist.

Let’s wake up to our imagination and use it to heal us.

Let’s connect with our health and let it lead the way.

Let’s stop being ruled by paradigms designed to control us.

Let’s refuse fear and insecurity and paranoia and stress.

Let’s wonder at nature and see it within us.

Let’s notice the power we have to create.

Let’s ignore the thoughts that take us away from God.

Let’s relax into softness and wellbeing and bliss.