Letting God In

Whether we use the words God, Light, Source, Divine, Universal Mind or Intelligent Design, there is an energy behind life that creates life and guides life that we see evidence of all around us every day. Yet often we forget about it, lose sight of it and behave as if there is nothing more than us and our egos, struggling forwards in life, unsure of our next step and losing the will to continue.

But when we remember that actually the ego is an illusion, obscuring the truth that there is only God and nothing more or less than God and we let God back into our lives, we let the energy of life soothe us and heal us and guide us and we remember that there is joy and wonder to a life led by faith in the divine and the knowledge that we are safe and whole and looked after by a higher power.

When we let this life force back into our lives, we allow it manage the details. We take action based on faith in our divinity and let the details be taken care of. We refocus our energy and look forwards to a bright future. We programme our GPS and take our hands off the wheel, knowing that God will steer us in the right direction.

This is not about religion. This is not about principles or paradigms. This is about looking to the intelligence of life for guidance and allowing it to take the lead. We get what we focus on because when we direct energy in any direction, we are bringing things into being. When we direct intelligent energy towards health and wealth and abundance, it creates those things for us just as well as it creates the opposites of those that we have unfortunately come to spend more time on.

When we recognise the power of God within us, we let go of the desire to control and micromanage our lives from a limited perspective and see the bigger picture. We take action from wellbeing, we believe in our ability to succeed, we understand that we are capable of enormous creativity and trust that God’s energy will drive us towards the manifestation of our happiest desires.

When we let God in, we let fear out. We stop focusing on the voices of the small mind and fall into the vastness of potential that Universal Mind offers. We don’t worry about the things we can’t control because we trust that when we give God our preferred destination, he will deliver us there by guiding us via inspired thought to take the appropriate steps and action.

There is no one that is outside of or beyond God. We are all a part of this energy, guided by this energy, alive because of this energy and loved by this energy. When we let it in, magic starts to happen, we bloom and flower and expand and rejoice and the ego subsides and divinity resides and we recognise that our actions and behaviour and perspective and belief are creating our lives and dictating our results and that we have the choice to allow God to inspire and guide these and that when we let God in, we are capable of incredible, magnificent and divine action that drives our desires, manifests our greatest wishes and brings into being miracles we could never have created alone.