Letting Life Flow

Flow is the action of moving steadily in a continuous stream. Life flows whether we like it or not and it is so much easier to deal with when we allow it to.

So often we are faced with circumstances or issues that we feel we need to exert force over but when we hit fight or flight mode in situations when we are not actually in danger, all we do is exhaust ourselves physically and confuse ourselves mentally.

Those who are gentle with themselves in the face of challenges, who don’t try to take on the impossible task of controlling life, find themselves able to get a better perspective and handle on a situation. They set healthy boundaries for themselves without panicking about the outcome, they do what is best in a situation without worrying about how to control tomorrow, they let life flow and they flow with it so that the ride is smoother and there are less bumps along the way.

Letting life flow means making the best decisions we can in the moment and allowing the outcome to unfold without trying to micromanage it. It means gently and calmly reassessing possibility and potential for healthy change and success as we move along with life rather than trying to force a result from a fearful or stressed state of mind. It means investing in our wellbeing rather than fearing the future and it means allowing our resilience and adaptability to shine through.

When we are consumed with worry or fear or anxiety about the way life is flowing we narrow our focus; we make the things we are struggling with seem more than they are and we miss opportunities for wellbeing and positive change that are available to us. When we relax our thinking so that we can see more clearly, we are able to recognise the areas we can take control of – such as our approach in the moment – and the areas that we can’t.

Being comfortable with letting life flow helps us to enjoy more, be more present and allow our innate ability to flow with life guide us in situations we might otherwise suffer in.

The fact that we get to choose how we respond and relate to life is a revelation for many of us and while it’s true that in times of worry or stress, we are hardwired to revert to old habits of thinking, there is always a moment of self awareness when we get to press the stop button on running familiar thoughts and assess how helpful our current path of thinking is for us.

In these moments we get to choose whether we allow ourselves to be comfortable with letting life flow and we find that if we do, our minds settle down and we feel a little more peaceful and capable.

We are all doing the best we can from our level of awareness in the moment and we can expand our awareness and raise our consciousness simply by assessing how we are doing in regards to letting life flow. Patterns of thought can be rewired, personalities can be dissolved and recreated when we allow change rather than fight it and life can be easier than we realise or understand much of the time.

There is something innately healthy about the concept of flow. The idea of letting life flow resonates with us because it instinctively feels good and right. Our hearts and souls let us know this because they are always pointing us in the direction of our best health and success and they are the only tools we need to move gracefully along with life.

Header image: Carolina Nusadua