Life Lights Us Up

Just as sunlight glitters on water, life lights us up and gives us the opportunity to sparkle. There are times we feel as if we are separate, alone, drowning but when we remember that we are a part of the wave and go with the flow, we find ourselves floating again, safe and connected.

We can only experience the world through our interactions with it and although at times this can feel like a burden, who we have been, who we are and who we choose to become exist because of these interactions which allow us to reflect, grow, evolve and transform.

When we are feeling weary and worried and overwhelmed by our experience, it is so helpful to remember that we also have light moments, joyful moments and peaceful moments in our days. That even though there are times that we intellectually tell ourselves it will be alright and it doesn’t seem to be the case there and then, we do have the strength and resilience within that we need to get through and so far, we always have done.

What helps is recognising when we are duping ourselves; that anything we tell ourselves that takes us away from God, Love, Wholeness is untrue, unhelpful and learned. We are not incapable, we are not unworthy, we are not ugly, we are not bad, we are not broken, we are not damaged, we are not stupid, we are not weird and we do not need to use our experiences with other people to affirm these inherited beliefs.

We are born in love, from love and as love. There is a sense of peace that we feel when we hear this. It is the peace of truth, of health, of home.

Sometimes this world weighs heavily on us but so often it lifts us up. Every time we see a rainbow, a sunset, hear birdsong, a child’s laugh, every time we connect with another person, offer support, feel supported, every time we smile, fall out of our thinking, experience presence, feel joy, we embrace our experience, see the wonder in it and feel grateful for it.

And from this state of mind, we find it easier to forgive, forget, let go and move on from experiences or interactions that have weighed us down. We notice when something is playing on our minds and we ask ourselves, “Is this loving? Is this lighting me up?” and when the answers are no we let the thoughts move on or at least leave them alone.

We are constantly given opportunities to rise above, respond rather than react, offer love and kindness and consideration and respect. This is true of our treatment of ourselves, as well as others. None of us have this human thing figured out but we are trying our best and when this best is in line with love and wellbeing, we flourish and thrive and shine on those around us and whether they are able to meet our light or are still welded to darkness, we can choose to continue on our path, shrugging off any desire to define ourselves through their eyes, affirm our insecurities through their behaviour, worry about what they think of us, concern ourselves with the stories they might share about us.

Life lights us up. It is an adventure in the world of form. A chance to experience the physical whilst being guided by the spiritual and when we get clear on who we want to be and how we want to live, the experience gets better and better.

It is not wrong to feel bad or low or sad or aggrieved or sensitive or fragile or unfit. It is not a failing to feel as if life is too much, it is a part of our journey towards uncovering the possibility and potential that exist within each of us for a happier, more peaceful and joyful existence. This is the blessing we are gifted with. The strength and resilience that get us through and past and over what in the moment feels too much. The knowledge of love that is sparked by life, set alight by life and brought into being by life. For every moment we wish for relief, there are many more in which we rest in it and feel humbled by our humanity and grateful for our divinity.

Life lights us up. Everything that feels other than that is an opportunity for us to find out who we really are.