Limitless Potential Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to help you rediscover your creative power and limitless potential.

Record yourself slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down.

Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale as a sigh.

Relax into the surface that you are lying on.

Feel the weight of the world release itself.

Let go of any troubles or stresses or worries you’ve been carrying.

Enjoy the peace that comes over you.

Rest in the space before thought.

You were born of an energy that is intelligence in action.

You have limitless potential.

There have been many times in your life when you have achieved what you had previously believed to be impossible.

The moment that inspiration occurs or you experience insight or gain clarity or a new perspective on any situation is the moment that you connect with wisdom and are able to access a higher level of consciousness that guides you in action that you had previously thought you were unable to take.

You are perfect.

You are whole.

You are always being guided by an intelligence that has programmed you for success.

Any time you look away from this, you feel it.

You experience anxiety or worry or doubt as a sign that you are looking in the wrong direction.

That you are looking to the ego for solutions and help rather than to wisdom and potential.

Within, is everything you will ever need.

Within, you have access to a divine intelligence that is total wisdom, total knowledge and available to you at all times.

You have limitless potential because you are limitless potential.

You create your reality with your thoughts.

You can influence the physical world with your thinking.

You can trust your feelings to let you know how helpful your thinking is.

There was a time in your life when you did not know what was impossible.

When you saw the world as a playing field.

When you imagined what you would be and what you would do and how you would do it.

Until you were told otherwise, you believed that everything you wanted for yourself was possible.

It is time to let go of unhelpful advice and limiting beliefs and the programming that holds you back.

It is time to return to the understanding you were born with.

You are capable.

You are success.

You are intelligence.

You are wellbeing.

You are love.

You are consciousness.

If you are willing, you can achieve and you can do it by getting clear on who you are.

You are the total awareness of all that can be achieved in the world of form.

Any time you start to believe otherwise, you will feel it.

You will feel the tension and the stress that comes from struggle.

You do not need to struggle.

You do not need to fight against your limitless potential.

Let your thoughts flow.

Rest in the stillness that exists before thought.

It is here that you will get clear on what action is best for you.

It is here that you will be guided on what steps to take forwards.

It is here that you will access clear thinking.

It is here that you are able to see things differently.

You know that the stories you tell yourself day in and day out affect how you experience the world around you.

The days when you feel powerful and strong and resilient are the days you relish challenges and seek opportunities for growth.

When you feel other than that, when you feel weak or damaged or uncertain, even a wonderful day feels wrong somehow.

This shows you how powerful you are.

This shows how you are creating your experience in the moment with the thoughts you think and the feelings they create.

Your feelings are a direct guide to the way you are thinking in the moment and the direction you are looking in.

Your state of mind creates your emotional experience.

Your thinking creates your reality.

When you don’t feel your best you don’t need to doubt your potential.

You can drop out of the thinking you are in.

You can allow new perspective to come along.

Look away from the ego and the programming and everything that has taught you what you can’t do and what you can’t be.

When you wake up to who you really are, you wake up to your limitless potential for greatness.

You are connected to the intelligence that creates life, that lives life, that guides life.

Having faith in this, having an endless, infinite trust that you are everything you seek and everything you want to become is what will guide you to bring into being all that you hope to create.

Things begin to look easier when you wake up to who you really are.

That you are a part of something far greater than your ego has let on.

That you are limitless potential.