Listening to Our Bodies

Many of us were taught at an early age that we can’t understand our bodies and that only experts are able to lead us to health and maintenance of health so that we forgot our self healing mechanisms, came to feel separate from our inner wisdom and physical selves and live in a state of confusion when it comes to listening to our bodies, whose messages we at times feel frightened by.

If we can simply notice this so that we are able to reflect on when we began to feel this way as well as explore our views on health and healing and the beliefs we hold about wellness, our right to be well, our right to heal, our right to heal ourselves and our ability to know what we need and when and how to take action, we can start to clear the way for our intuition and inner wisdom to be heard.

We are primed for health and until we can get quiet enough within to realise that we do have the capacity and resilience to navigate challenges to it, we will be too overwhelmed by unhelpful thinking to listen to our bodies and review what they are telling us from a space of knowledge and wisdom.

Approaching health and healing as a journey on which we get to learn more about the ways we operate mentally, emotionally and physically helps us to be more at ease during times of struggle or challenge. As humans working to become free of what limits us and holds us back from embracing all that we are within, taking one step at a time and learning as we go, helps us to feel more present, more in control of our experience and more open to investigating new ways of assessing our health.

Taking a gentle and kind approach to any feelings of frustration, disappointment, anger or resentment we feel towards our bodies is helpful. These feelings are understandable but they are not who we are and so if we can witness and treat them with compassion and grace rather than identifying with them when they arise, we will allow them to move on without trying to deny, repress, run from or judge them, creating space so that we can settle down and listen to our bodies and the intuition guiding us to know how to support them.

When we are able to listen to our bodies and review what comes up with the intelligence that exists before, beneath and beyond the ego, we are guided to take steps towards wellness. These may not set us on a path that the ego expects or deems appropriate but growth and healing might not need to be linear. Trusting ourselves to go with the flow when we are guided to can only help us to feel more relaxed about our journey and less unhappy with it when it doesn’t go as the ego claims it should.

If there is a blueprint for success within us all as many masters and gurus claim then to access it, we must go within. When the ego tries to qualify intuition, tries to justify not following it, tries to read the messages of the body via what is already known, we are led away from learning back towards old beliefs, models and experiences. If we can instead be curious about what our bodies are trying to tell us so that unhelpful thinking and feelings that distract us from the stillness and silence within are allowed to move on, we will be more likely to uncover what we need to understand about our bodies and the support they require whether this is to take action alone or seek out help and advice.

There are so many approaches to working with the body, so many different systems of management and support and some will work sometimes and some will be right for us and not others. Being interested in what is right for us now and viewing the discovery of this information as yet another learning experience that expands us beyond what is known and familiar allows us to operate from a state of mind and perspective invested in believing in and fully exploring our innate resilience, wellbeing and potential for health and healing.

Life offers no guarantees and the best approach we can take whilst we are here is to know that we have control over the way we think and feel and that we have innate wisdom that is always guiding us to align with our inner truth and feel the positive impact of this on every level. When we start to practice connecting with who we really are and do the work to stay in alignment when old thinking and feelings come up, we find that we maintain our ability to be in tune with ourselves physically, able to listen to our bodies and be guided to understand their messages even when old thinking and feelings arise.

When we stay in line with the true self rather than defaulting to the ego, we bypass fear, insecurity, failure and are patient and loving with ourselves. We reflect on the messages our bodies are sending us from a place of intuition and insight that leads us to new ways of health and healing. When we are in alignment with our true selves, we allow the way to unfold. We rediscover our innate joy, gratitude and sense of ease about life and in these moments we begin healing from within.

There is no right way to do life and the sooner we allow ourselves to relax into this truth, the sooner we will relax into life itself. We all want to be well and we have all experienced worry, stress and fear regarding our health. When we can accept that due to our conditioning that from time to time we will feel this way and still decide to do the work we need to do to uncover the wisdom we hold within that is always guiding us to understand our bodies, we will be able to listen to their messages with still and silent minds, ready to hear what insight occurs and able to take inspired action without checking in first with the ego, our unhelpful beliefs or what we have been taught about our bodies that only gets in our way.