Listening to Our Thoughts without Worry

When unhappy thoughts resurface for us, whether they cross our minds during the day or appear as nightmares, we can listen to what they are trying to tell us without worrying about experiencing the feelings we have come to associate with them.

We know that when we operate from peace and wellbeing we feel healthy, calm and worry free. That we experience a clear perspective that allows us to examine our experiences, beliefs and behaviours from a higher consciousness that guides us with clarity to insight, understanding and revelation.

When we feel lost or traumatised or stuck in a loop of unhappy thinking, we are not operating from peace and wellbeing and the experience of this makes us doubt our health, our resilience and our ability to heal and move on.

If we can remember this when old thoughts or traumas resurface, we can begin to listen to what they are telling us. Are there past wounds we need to allow to heal, past mistakes we need to forgive, past actions or events we didn’t understand at the time but can gain enlightenment on now? Perhaps old thoughts resurface to remind us that we are operating from old programming, that we are limiting ourselves or simply that we can notice them pop up without needing to do anything about them.

If we feel our way through navigating this type of communication from our minds, we can know when there is a message for us that will help us move forwards or assimilate learning or bring meaning to an issue we are currently dealing with. When we feel overwhelmed or fearful or anxious, we are paying attention to the experience of the thought and not our wisdom and wellbeing that will help us understand it. Listening without worry happens when we realise this and become interested in what comes up for us without being fearful of the experience we associate with it.

Our minds are powerful and we are designed with a guidance system that lets us feel our thinking. This doesn’t mean we need to avoid or repress or worry about the feelings that certain thoughts create but rather understand that there are other thoughts that feel better because they are more aligned with our wisdom and health. It is these thoughts that lead us to deeper understanding and self knowledge and when we listen to the messages from our minds and bodies from the space of wellbeing we are able to be present enough with them to hear what they are trying to tell us.

There are no right or wrong thoughts and it is not right or wrong for us to worry, however, anxiety about certain memories or images reappearing paralyses us or keeps us feeling trapped in feelings of apprehension, dread and fear. These not only turn us away from our mental and physical health, they make us doubt it and operate from a confused, noisy and unhappy state of mind. Understanding that when we get caught up in the feelings of a thought that we think less clearly can be enough to distance ourselves from our previous experience of it and begin to notice when it comes up for us, why it comes up for us and work towards hearing its message and healing its pain or understanding that it is no longer relevant for us and that we can leave it alone.

Rehashing painful experiences for the sake of it may not be the best idea but if something keeps coming up for us that we fear and try to avoid, there may be a message there. So often we have misunderstood the power of the past to affect us now and for this reason missed out on the insights available. Once we come to realise that we can look at a thought without engaging with it in the same way we have always done before, we allow ourselves to become disentangled from our past experience of it so that we can look at it more objectively and peacefully when it reoccurs and be in a position to notice if it has something helpful to communicate to us and listen without worry.