Living a Sacred Life

The word sacred means connected with God or dedicated to a religious purpose. When we take religion to mean a particular system of faith and worship, we understand that when we treat something as sacred or experience something as purposeful, we are practicing a way of being that honours our connection to the divine.

We all experience moments that feel sacred; whether we are watching a sunset or spending time with a loved one or accessing a higher consciousness during ceremony or meditation and in these moments we feel expansive, focused, taken beyond ourselves and connected with something greater.

Bringing this into our daily lives to make our rituals, habits and routines sacred, helps us to focus intent on the things we do, making them more meaningful, bring awareness to the actions we take and the motivations behind them and deepen our connection with the way we live our lives.

Living a sacred life makes us more present to what we are doing in the moment. If we see our actions as honouring and connecting us with the divine, we take the time to pay attention to them and experience them fully. We automatically become more mindful of the way we live and the choices we make because we view all that we do and participate in as deserving of deep respect and as holy.

Rather than take up too much time or make us rigid about the way we live, living a sacred life actually frees us up to do more. When we are present, we are clear minded and focused, we use our time wisely, enjoy more, process better and take helpful and wise action. We pay attention rather than operate from a distracted mindset and are more conscious of our actions and reactions, more mindful of the thoughts we energise and more aware of our emotional experience.

Living a sacred life helps us to flow though our days and meet challenges with peace of mind and consideration rather than stress or panic or doubt. We are better able to accept events as they occur and respond to them thoughtfully and calmly and experience them from a space of clarity and insight.

None of us are perfect as humans – although we are perfect as divine beings of intelligent love – and we learn and grow and make mistakes and take steps backwards and experience self doubt and living a sacred life is not about trying to be flawless or detached or without emotion or conflict. It is about enjoyment and celebration and a way of living that best honours our inner truth.

Living a sacred life is about acting from respect for and devotion to the things that we do and in turn bringing more intention, meaning, focus and presence into our lives. It is about seeing the holy in the simple daily rituals and routines we take part in and experiencing them more fully as a result. Living this way is not about dogma or restriction or judgement but about pleasure and wellbeing, love and appreciation.

Living a life of connection, enjoyment and wellbeing is really all we seek. And so it makes sense that we bring more intention and awareness to our daily actions and begin to express a reverence for them. Living a sacred life can only increase our chances of living peacefully and joyfully, honouring our connection to divinity and living more honestly and consciously as a result of it.