Living from Love

Our hearts are brains in themselves sending signals out to our bodies about our state of health in the moment. When we talk about living from love, we are actually referring to the science of a heart centred approach to life that lifts us out of a chaotic and unbalanced state of mind and into a harmonious and clear state of being.

Our brains and hearts communicate in a way that influences how we perceive and interact with the world. Our hearts store and process information and send this information to our brains physically and energetically as well as out into the world around us as a magnetic field that radiates information about our emotional state.

The heart brain is able to act independently of the cranial brain so that it stores its own memories and is able to make decisions and sends more information to our brains than the other way around. The heart has a nervous system and also manufactures and secretes hormones and neurotransmitters which influence the way we understand and react to the world around us.

One of the ways the heart communicates with the brain is via its beating rhythm. When this rhythm is stable and coherent, it regulates our psychological and physiological processes. When it is incoherent, it affects the brain’s ability to process information. When we experience emotions that elevate our awareness, such as love and compassion, our hearts beat coherently and send out messages of health to our brains and throughout our bodies.

As we know what we expect to perceive, we receive which means that we filter the information available for us to absorb about the world based on our beliefs and opinions, our programming and conditioning. If we want to change the way we feel about life we have to change the views we hold about it and doing this is not just about changing our minds but changing our state of being.

The significance of this understanding is that we get to choose the state we live in by centring ourselves in our hearts and focusing on healing emotions such as joy, peace, happiness and trust which we might also refer to as living from love.

Our thoughts create our feelings and what we do with our thoughts affects us on every level. Our feelings then become emotional memories that get triggered by events and instances that we have come to believe on a subconscious level that we are affected by.

This cycle continues until we understand that we have a choice about which thoughts we focus on, trust and encourage and make the decision to choose to use our thoughts to help rather than hinder us in life, motivating ourselves to seek out new ways of being well and living from feelings of health and happiness.

When we live from love, we drop into our hearts and we generate feelings of health and happiness and experience a sense of oneness. These emotions create a state of coherence throughout our bodies that regulates our thoughts. When we choose to direct our attention to our hearts and focus on encouraging feelings of love, we step into a space of physiological wellbeing that affects us on all levels.

When we use our hearts to calm our minds by bringing our awareness into our heart centres and focusing on elevated emotions, we are directing the power of thought to elevate our entire beings into a higher state of awareness. We are able to regulate our emotions by dropping into a state of psychological coherence and clarity which brings about a change in perspective which influences the way we feel about and view life in the moment as well as the way our cells engage with each other and express themselves.

When we fall out of our minds and into our hearts we access innate wisdom, intuition and a capacity for resilience that we drown out and cover up when our minds are noisy and full of unhelpful thinking. What exists beneath our thinking is what will guide us to be well and feel well and we can access this inner knowledge and guidance by filling ourselves with a heartfelt awareness of the energy of love.

We are wonderful, complex and fascinating intelligence systems that are powered by a creative life force that we only know when we let ourselves fall out of the intellect and into the realm of the spiritual and non physical. Here we meet truth. Here we meet the Divine. Here we meet ourselves.

Here we find love and when we generate feelings of love by consciously choosing to focus on our heart centres and fill our bodies and minds with feelings of wellbeing, we positively affect our entire selves and we find that living from love is a part of our design.

Heart Centre Exercise

Be still, close your eyes and feel your consciousness dropping from your head down into your chest at heart level. Imagine that you can see through your ribs, you are literally now in your heart centre.

Allow peace to pervade your entire being and once your breathing has slowed and you are relaxed, focus on the word love. Repeat it in your mind and as you do, feel the feelings of love spreading through your mind and body, outside of you and into the world around you.

Keep focusing on and repeating the word love as the feelings of health continue to elevate your frequency, returning your mind to a state of clarity and your body to a state of wellbeing.