Living Lightly

There is so much relief in the concept of living lightly. It presumes a lightness of heart, of being; a life of lightness is joyful, peaceful and full of delight. The word light implies not heavy, not intense, gentle, soft. Reflecting on this speaks directly to the heart and resonates with us by awakening our innate knowledge and understanding of who we really are and how beautiful life can be.

So, how can we live lightly? How can we live less intensely and more gently?

We can listen less to our heads and more to our wisdom.

How many times a day do we make a decision only to second guess ourselves or wish we had chosen the other option? How much time do we spend on regret and trying to rewrite the past in our minds? All of these moments spent on sadness and remorse weigh us down. Living lightly means to trust in our choices and learn from the ones that don’t work out as we wish. It means taking life less seriously and choosing the areas that we direct our focus to.

Living gently means reflecting on our past and gaining clarity on why we made decisions that don’t make sense to us when we are experiencing mental wellbeing. Living softly means forgiving ourselves for the innocence of believing that perpetrating harm in any way towards ourselves or others is ever in our best interests or could make us feel better.

Taking a joyful and peaceful approach to life doesn’t mean not being present or productive, it actually means taking delight in every moment and getting more done in a better feeling. When we live lightly, we don’t get bogged down by unhelpful thoughts that derail us from the path of happiness. We don’t get caught up in feelings of shame and guilt that veil our resilience and our truth.

Living lightly is living from a higher consciousness that promotes peace of mind and allows us to hear the whispers of wisdom. It is the antidote to the corporeal focus of the modern world and connects body, mind and soul in synergy and health.

Lightness carries us through life in a flow state of wellbeing and love. It keeps us upright, able, whole and in motion and it encourages us to be gentle and soft in our communications with others. Living lightly promotes peace and wellbeing and the feelings of joy and warmth we live from touch those around us, offering them the space to discover their own light.

Living lightly honours the truth of our wellbeing and connects us with the space within that guides us to live from wisdom rather than the noise of the ego. We do better, feel better and enjoy more when we live lightly and we experience joy and delight in the miracle of being because we have the awareness to notice how wonderful life can be.