Living Truly

We live in an age where more people are openly exploring self development and insights, revelations and experiences are shared in seconds. It is so wonderful that we are able to gain access to other people’s learnings and approaches to life, however, something that can come of this that isn’t necessarily helpful is doubting our own reflections and realisations as a result of contradictory teachings or information that opposes our own views or understandings.

Opening ourselves up to the expansion available through exposure to other ways of being is a necessary part of our evolution, spiritually, physically and psychologically. However, if we allow our propensity for self doubt to overtake any enthusiasm or clarity that we may experience by following or researching other people’s work, we start to feel lost, worry we have got it wrong, panic that we have mislead others, or worst of all, scrap information that was born of truth and shared from love.

We all have our own unique paths to lead and just like diets, what works for one will not work for another. We have to recognise the beauty in living truly so that we let go of the concern that we have been mistaken when sharing something from our wisdom simply because someone else’s experience deems it wrong or misguided or unworthy.

If we operate from a clear mind and share our wisdom from our authentic truth, we do not have to worry about it afterwards, even if we choose to update it or clarify it based on newfound enlightenment. Certainly we will change our minds about previous perspectives and transcend our previous understandings but that shouldn’t be forced out of insecurity or fear that our truth is flawed and our work suspect simply because other people have other ways of doing things.

Just because another person’s journey is different to our own does not mean we need to reroute. We can observe their course, we can enjoy their stories and we can take interest in their experience, without feeling the need to jump off course and try to follow their lead.

When we live truly, we live openly, honestly and faithfully. We do not need to judge ourselves against others or deny our experience in favour of someone else’s. We can enjoy our journey, compare our perspectives and still delight in the path that our life is taking. Because we are all ever evolving in beautifully unique ways and just because someone denounces the method that works for us or celebrates the teacher whose work we find no value in does not mean we need to operate from insecurity and question our truth, our wisdom and our life. It means that they are joyfully, excitedly working with the ideas and knowledge that make sense to them and we can happily and peacefully do the same.