Look Beyond the Illusions

Stop thinking about it.

Let it go.

Take control of your mind.

Change your focus.

Don’t forget where you came from.

Don’t lose sight of your truth.

Rest in stillness.

Bathe in peace.

There is nothing new in this thinking.

You have overcome it so many times.

These thoughts are just shadows.

Showing you where you are blocking your light.

They are not solid.

See through them.

Blow them away.

Watch them dissipate like smoke.

Love is your default.

Eternal wellbeing is your nature.

Look beyond the illusions.

See the power you truly hold.

These challenges were meant to stretch you.

Not shrink you.

Feel the freedom in this understanding.

The relief that comes from choice and will.

The past is not happening anymore.

Unless you bring it to life in your mind.

Stop thinking about it.

Let it go.