Looking beyond What We Can See

How often does our perspective on a situation shift and change to create a completely new set of thoughts and feelings about it? How often do we miss something in our physical space because we were just unable to see it based on our state of mind in the moment?

On a daily basis, we literally see what we expect to in the world based on the thoughts we are thinking and the experience they are creating, usually built upon the subconscious beliefs, ideas and opinions we hold about the world.

To cite the old adage, ‘The eyes see what the mind knows’, our entire experience of life, including sensory, is determined by the paradigms and principles we invest in and live by. So what happens when we look beyond what we can see? When we decide that there is ultimately more to this world than we are allowing ourselves to experience via our senses and the expectations that condition them?

We become unlimited. If we begin to change what we expect to see around us and the opportunities we expect to open up and the results we expect to be possible, we find that much of what we had previously perceived to be true and real and valid only existed because of a mindset that told us it was so.

Every single one of us lives in a thought created reality different to any body else’s and we all see and experience a different world from each other’s. Some people see endless possibility where someone else sees no hope. Other people see potential and opportunities for growth where somebody else sees a dead end.

No one experience is right or wrong but when we begin to question the validity of our knowledge and the rules and regulations that tell us what kind of world we live in, how we must behave in order to survive and how to temper our expectations based on the reality they dictate that we observe, we begin to look for something that exists beyond the world created by our conditioned thinking.

From this space, we see far more than we have done before. We connect with the wellbeing inside of us that guides us to get curious about our perspective, we query our surety when we feel unhappy, insecure or distressed, we concede that things will look different to us in a later moment and we explore the possibility that things aren’t always as they seem.

No child is ever deterred from imagination and play because of what they see around them, they simply invest in an alternative reality that they bring to life by believing in its potential to be true. And as adults we do the same thing, only our invisible creations are based on thoughts of fear, insecurity, lack or stress.

We are all creating our experience, only children do so from a space of possibility based on what they can imagine and adults from a space of probability based on limited thinking.

Luckily, we are able to flip the switch on this any time we decide to look beyond what we can see. And when we do so, we notice a more exciting and hopeful world than we could ever have discovered from a conditioned mindset that stopped us looking for something new.