March Favourites

March has mostly been a month of eating and reading and as always we want to share what we have enjoyed most. Here are our March Favourites.

Biona Organic Hazelnut Butter

Biona does food well and their hazelnut butter is no exception. Sweet, indulgent and delicious, this is our new nut butter of choice, on chocolate, raw desserts, smoothie bowls, fruit salads, ice cream and, of course, alone by the spoon.

Biona Hazelnut Butter

Sunita Organic Coconut Syrup Halva

We are huge fans of halva, a little goes a long way in satisfying our desire for something sweet and this honey free version is organic and sweetened with coconut syrup which adds a depth of flavour to the ground sesame seeds and makes it vegan friendly.

Sunita Coconut Syrup Halva

Lucy Bee Sri Lankan Extra Virgin Raw Organic Coconut Oil

This smooth and subtly flavoured oil is perfect for those meals and dishes that work better without the taste of coconut. Certified Fair Trade and made from coconuts not harvested by monkeys, Lucy Bee works in Sri Lanka to provide solar panels and school scholarships. Good enough to be eaten alone, this is our favourite coconut oil to date.

Lucy Bee Sri Lankan Coconut Oil

Feinstoff Organic Acai Berry Bowl

Sweet, crunchy and a little sharp, this cereal to go, in a recyclable pouch, makes the ultimate smoothie bowl or fruit salad topping to bulk up meals away from home. Made from acai, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, buckwheat, chia, popped amaranth, popped millet, popped quinoa, linseed and coconut blossom sugar, used as a meal addition, each bag provides around four servings.

Feinstoff Acai Berry Bowl

NHR Organic Cypress Oil

This refreshing oil is of a superior quality and is delicate yet powerful in fragrance. Diffusing cypress oil is known to relieve stress, tension and help us default to a healthier state of mind and we have been scenting our spaces and calming ourselves with this beautiful oil all month.

NHR Cypress Oil

Kindred + Wild Herb Oil #3: Rose + Yarrow

Plant alchemy of the highest other, this almost wholly organic and beautifully fragrant botanical oil from Kindred + Wild is absorbed instantly to nourish skin and provide maximum hydration. The ultimate body oil, it works especially well added to a bath, moisturising skin and providing aromatherapy benefits.

Kindred + Wild Herb Oil #3

The How Not to Die Cookbook: Over 100 Recipes to Prevent and Reverse Disease by Dr Michael Greger

This book of simple to make and great tasting plant based, whole food recipes builds on the knowledge shared in Dr Greger’s How Not to Die and focuses on meals made from minimally processed ingredients, designed to make up a daily menu of the foods we need to eat for consistent health. A 14 Day Sample Menu lays out an easy to follow plan whilst advice is given on cooking preparations and processes and what foods to keep on hand. From breakfast to snacks to soups to sweets, recipes are simple enough to allow for substitutions and different cooking techniques (we won’t ever use a microwave) and illustrated with colourful photos. Our favourite recipes include the Berry Chocolate Chia Pudding and Beetroot Burgers.

The How Not to Die Cookbook

O’s Little Guide to the Big Questions by The Editors of O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine

This beautifully honest, touching and thought provoking collection of stories on the big questions of life covers death, love, loss, religion and philosophy to encourage us to reflect on our own experiences, explore our beliefs and engage our humanity, compassion and connection with others; life is an adventure full of meaning if we are willing to take part and look for it.

O’s Little Guide to the Big Questions

The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks: Using the Alchemy of Plants to Create Potions to Cleanse, Restore, Relax and Revive by Michael Isted

After giving up his job to pursue a career in herbalism, Michael Isted found the plants gave him purpose, insight into himself and guidance on his path. With respect and reverence for the herbs, fungi and flowers that have changed his life, Isted provides information and advice on the history of herbalism, harvesting, uses and benefits, processing and recipes. Matt pages, earthy tones and natural photos create a calm and grounding experience as readers learn how to prepare and ingest healing plants as tonics, potions and elixirs.

The Herball’s Guide to Botanical Drinks

Bored and Brilliant: How Time Spent Doing Nothing Changes Everything by Manoush Zomorodi

For those of us who remember life without smart phones when standing in a queue meant allowing our minds to wander and riding public transport, getting lost in a good, physical, book, we may also remember a time when we didn’t feel our attention being constantly hijacked, were able to concentrate on one thing at a time and didn’t pick up a device every time boredom struck. Making the case for letting ourselves get bored and balancing our use of technology, Manoush Zormorodi combines scientific data with real life stories, a humourous and entertaining glimpse into her own experience with boredom and technology addiction and experiments to encourage us to put down our devices and guide us in letting our brains default to daydreaming, mind wandering and the default mode activated by boredom, all of which can help us make sense of our lives, experience new ideas, think in new ways and open the gateway “to feeding, nurturing, and cultivating your thoughts.”

Bored and Brilliant