May Favourites

May has come to an end and we are excited to share our favourites from the month with you…

Essential Organic Hibiscus Tea

Fresh and fruity, this clean tasting antioxidant rich tea contains only 100% organic and biodynamic hibiscus. Grown, processed and packed on a single organic farm in Egypt with a school for workers’ children, this 100% Fair Trade Foundation accredited Hibiscus is the only one in the world. The farm adheres to strict biodynamic principles and is set on reclaimed desert land that sustains the livelihoods of thousands.

Essential Hibiscus Tea

Biona Organic Horseradish

Gluten free, sweetener free, vegan and organic, this mustard ticks all our boxes and delivers a clean, hot flavour that works well with salads, in dressings and to spice up sandwiches. Biona believe in 100% traceability for all their products and their ingredients are of the highest quality. Their farmers only use sustainable farming methods and do not work their land intensively. Made of just water, mustard seeds, vinegar, sea salt, spices and horseradish, we cannot get enough of this stuff.

Biona Horseradish Mustard

Semper Organic Gluten Free Linguine

We love a good gluten free pasta but have high standards which are not always met. Luckily for us, Semper delivers with this delicious rice flour linguine that has flavour, great texture and offers a good bite. Made only with organic brown rice and water from the hills of Tuscany, it holds texture well, doesn’t suddenly go from al dente to overcooked and has impressed even the Italians we know. It also comes in recyclable packaging.

Semper Gluten Free Linguine

Minvita Organic Sprouted Black Gaba Rice

This flavourful whole grain homnin rice is purported to have the same antioxidant content as blueberries. Minvita germinate their rice before milling to encourage the production of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. When the maximum possible nutrition level is reached after 24 hours, they parboil it to lock in added vitamins, nutrients and amino acids, particularly gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which functions as a neurotransmitter that controls anxiety and depression. We have been enjoying this with curries, cold in salads and alone with herbs and seasonings; it is absolutely delicious.

Minvita Black GABA Rice

Boody Bamboo Underwear

We think it’s important to make healthy and ethical choices in every area of our lives so when it comes to underwear we look for eco friendly items that are good for our bodies. Boody’s bamboo underwear is breathable, comfortable whether we are active or resting and fitted without being tight. Antibacterial and antifungal, hypoallegenic, moisture wicking, thermo-regulating and super soft, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth and needs the least water which makes it a healthy and eco friendly choice of fabric. This underwear range is supersoft and washes well. Sizes are true and our favourite pieces are the women’s shaper bra and g-string and the men’s boxers. Use code BOODYSHOP10 for 10% off your first shop.

Boody Bamboo Underwear

ToeSox Organic Cotton Full Nonslip Socks

For those of us who practice yoga and pilates – or any mat work – there are times that a little grip is extremely necessary and these organic socks are the perfect solution to the problem of a sweaty and slippery routine. They are comfortable, fit true to size and allow wearers to spread their toes. These full socks feature a patented nonslip sole that ensures good grip and by allowing for independent toe movement, wearers strengthen feet muscles, enable better overall circulation, balance and posture. Manufactured from machine washable organic cotton, they are soft and eco-friendly.

ToeSox Organic Cotton Nonslip Socks

The Body Shop Cactus Long Handle Brush

Body brushing is an extremely beneficial practice, helping to exfoliate the skin, boost the lymphatic system, improve circulation, aid the digestive system and even reduce stress. We like a brush that is firm but not harsh and the bristles on this one from The Body Shop do the job perfectly. It also has a long handle which makes it easy to use all over.

The Body Shop Cactus Brush

The Teachings of Abraham Wellbeing Cards by Jerry and Esther Hicks

These cards offer reminders of our power to create and manifest a life of health and vitality and abundance. Whether we read one a day or the whole pack at a time, every time we do we feel empowered by the choice we have to create and live a life that resonates with us on a soul level. These cards offer: “words of new perspectives, words of an enlightening perspective, words that were once known but somehow forgotten” and we wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who needs reminding.

Wellbeing Cards by Jerry and Esther Hicks

Pollen: The Hidden Sexuality of Flowers by Rob Kesseler and Madeline Harley

This beautiful book takes the reader on the magical journey of pollen. Botanist Dr Madeline Harley, former Head of Pollen Research at Kew Gardens and visual artist Rob Kesseler, London Chair in Arts, Design & Science, have created a fascinating book, illustrated with stunning photos of organisms too small to be seen by the naked eye, as well as early drawings from botantists and artists. This visual feast offers remarkable insight into the intricate workings of the natural world and left us in deeper awe of nature and her incredible design.

Pollen by Rob Kesseler and Madeline Harley

Healing Tonics: Next-Level Juices, Smoothies and Elixirs for Health and Wellness by Adriana Ayales

This is one of our favourite books of the year so far. Concise and full of easily digestible information and advice, this is a must have addition to any health advocates library. Rainforest herbalist and founder of Anima Mundi Herbs, Adriana Ayales distills generations worth of plant knowledge and wisdom into this book of recipes and guidance that covers ethnobotanical customs, soul cleansing and therapeutic cooking as well as the role of superfoods and superherbs in recipes, including medicinal juices, healing cleanses and infusions and teas that nourish body and soul. Offering a herbal must have list, information on superherb functions, techniques for juicing with herbs and information on where to find ingredients and equipment, this is a book that demystifies the world of medicinal herbs and plant remedies.

Healing Tonics by Adriana Ayales