My Work

My work is about reminding people that it is okay to be human and letting them know that being human means that we have a vast and eternal source of wellbeing within us that we forget about and rediscover endlessly.

I really feel it is our job as human beings to remind each other of our light when we forget it, to speak to the health within another when all they can focus on is unease and disease and to be as kind and patient and gentle with each other as possible.

I also want us all to remember that we are heavily conditioned, finding our way to wisdom through immense programming, habitual thinking and inherited perspectives and behaviours which means there will be times, every day, when we take the wrong path, choose the wrong option, get angry, scared, sad, annoyed, frustrated or confused. Yet there will also be countless times that we are joyful, relieved, relaxed, graceful, happy and at peace.

I know that we have wellbeing within. I have felt the feeling of being far from home. I discovered the light within myself and I cannot explain the glorious and humbling feeling that comes from helping others discover theirs; when we find out who we really are and share this, ‘we’ disappear and all that is left is truth, consciousness, connection, love, God.

People ask me sometimes if my work is heavy or hard or wearing but it is the opposite; helping people uncover their truth, their health and their wisdom is moving, life affirming and transformational. It is an honour and privilege to hold space for others as they realise that they have the choice to choose which thoughts they listen to and the means to feel well.

My work is also to remind myself over and again of who I really am. To choose the right path, to forgive myself and learn when I don’t, to find out more and more deeply what resources lie within me and to let my feelings guide me to feel my way through my thinking.

If there is one thing that I can let people know it is that we have the choice to choose which thoughts we listen to. We can’t control them but we can be conscious of the ones we follow. I know how compelling it is to follow the ones that create the most intense feeling within us but I have found it to be the case that the most urgent feeling is often a sign of the most clouded thinking.

We have access to clarity, wisdom, intuition and internal guidance and part of that is feeling our thinking as a means to knowing how helpful and reliable it is in the moment. When it feels unhelpful, it is, no matter how much our ego tries to get us to believe otherwise.

What we all want is connection, compassion, love and health and we have gotten very confused about the source of those and the means by which we can acquire them. They exist inside of us. They are not created by anything outside of us. When we think they are, we are creating an experience using the gifts of thought and feeling to rouse the wellbeing that already exists within.

And so, be well today. Treat yourself gently. Notice when you are not acting from self love and understand that it is your nature to celebrate yourself. To be so in love with who you are that you consistently choose to live well and to make choices that reflect your great reverence for life.

And when you are human and make mistakes, be kind to yourself. Know that we are all doing our best in each moment to feel well and find our way back to love. Sometimes we forget which way we need to turn but when we notice where we are headed we always have the opportunity to return home, whether we do it alone or supported by another, because the truth and health we seek is always safe and well within us.