New Moon in Capricorn, January 2018

The New Moon in Capricorn on 17th January at 2:17 a.m. GMT is the first of the year and a chance for us to connect deeply with who we are, who we want to become and the possibilities that are open to us. The energies in place now are set to guide us in understanding what the year ahead may have in store for us and getting clear on the direction we wish to travel in.

With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn at the time of the New Moon, this is a powerful period for us to set intentions, manifest our truest desires and take potent action towards making our dreams come true. We can at last truly dispense with the old now, in order to make room for new ways of being and creating that are lighter, more joyful and fully grounded in the healing powers of the soul.

Capricorn is a practical and ambitious earth sign that provides us with the perfect energy to make clear plans that detail action steps towards achieving our goals, particularly with regards to personal ambitions and career development. Clarity is available to us now on how we want to take part in the world, how we want to spend our time and how we want to feel doing the things that matter to us. Putting the work in will realise our dreams and structure, planning and focus on the feelings of achievement we will experience are what will encourage us to keep going.

Utilising the sun’s ability to create order and give life to our ideas and visions will help us to get excited about our plans whilst maintaining purpose and structure. Venus will keep us optimistic and operating in line with our truest values, being gentle with ourselves if we come across obstacles and remaining focused on the value of our desired outcomes. Mercury enhances our ability to communicate clearly with the Universe, transmitting our wishes and intentions and helping us pay attention to the here and now, rather than daydreaming and losing focus. Saturn’s energy aligns with Mercury’s to help anchor us in the present so that we are able to learn from our current situations in order to move on from them successfully, whilst Pluto encourages lessons that help us to master the self, transcend our material obsessions and work for the good of all.

This New Moon is a wonderful time for us to recognise our strengths, our areas of authority and our vision in order to make positive change in the world that honours our highest selves and benefits others. Now is the time to decide what we want our year to look like and harness the energies in play to get what we want. We have the energy, focus and backing now to commune with the Universe and ask for help with manifesting our goals. Setting up structures and systems and putting plans in place will get us started and our will, wellbeing and resilience will keep us going. This is a powerful time for us to connect with our soul’s purpose and realise our noblest dreams in the material world.