New Moon in Aquarius, February 2018

The New Moon in Aquarius in on 15th February at 9:05 p.m. GMT is a time of new beginnings, fresh perspective and taking steps towards building a brighter future. A time of innovation, vision, self expression, freedom and clarity, change is on the horizon and our focus falls on the way we see ourselves and communicate this to the world as well as the actions we take as a result.

Airy Aquarius helps us direct our energy towards improvement in all areas, particularly with regards to the way we present ourselves to others and the action we take in improving the world around us. With emphasis on our relationships, communication skills and our future hopes and dreams, now is the time to decide on what we want to offer up to those closest to us as well as our wider community, how we want to contribute to a healthier worldwide future and where we want or need support in doing this. Open, honest and compassionate expression are key now as we strive to heal and elevate our relationship with ourselves and others in order to create a world where self awareness guides our interactions, decisions and choices.

A partial solar eclipse beginning between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. GMT lengthens the period of time the new moon energy is in play and awakens us to a higher perspective that transcends the ego. We are filled with love and compassion for humanity’s struggle as well as visions of a future in which we are able to feel centred and whole. Now is the time to embrace the hopeful energy of Aquarius and persistently work towards realising healthy change. We are guided to practice patience as we entertain and communicate radical ideas that focus on potential and positive possibility

The sun is still mostly visible during a partial eclipse and the message now is to believe in our visualisations and ability to bring into being our most heartfelt desires, whilst being guided to do this from a higher awareness than the ego offers, allowing us to seek the insights and support of others as we take action. Support from Mercury aids us in bypassing the ego to help us focus on improvement and solutions rather than criticism and issues and applying logic to discriminate between the information available to us. Intuition and desire come together under Uranus to bring about inspiration and genius that is balanced by Aquarius to create revolution that benefits humanity, honouring our desire for newness and excitement without sensationalism, resistance or fear of what change will bring about.

This New Moon is a time of invention, personal freedom, connection, communication and creativity. Growth and happiness are key aspects of positive development and healthy change is born of our desire to work towards building a better world and not creating drastic change for its own sake. As we become more comfortable expressing our truth and more loving towards ourselves and others as a result of this, we are guided to practice a healthier way of taking part in the world and positively influencing our community and those around us as a result.