New Moon in Aries, April 2018

The new moon in Aries at 2:57 a.m. BST on 16th April 2018 is the first new moon of the astrological new year. During this period, we are born anew, confident in our abilities, less attached to concepts of identity and more able to fluidly approach life and authentically create what we feel driven to in the world. Not only is this the time to set goals and put plans in place that see us taking practical steps towards realising them, it is also a period of living from a lighter heart and a cooler perspective that allows us to take things less seriously and operate from love, hope, joy and detachment.

Aries is the sign of self reflection, self expression and self realisation. We are more secure now than we have been in a long while, feeling whole, grounded and centred. This is the time for us to bolster our connections and networks in order to demonstrate our skills and abilities, taking the lead in the areas we know we are strongest and making new developments in others. Yet, this is not a period of seriousness so much as exploration and expansion; we feel upbeat and easy about life, glad to be alive and ready to take pleasure in everything.

Aries encourages us to act on our intuition and not complicate its guidance with considerations, doubt, superstitions and the concerns of the ego. Our impulses are correct now and we can take action quickly and confidently if we trust our inner wisdom, which guides us to take on new ways of living that help us let go of and move on from thought patterns, behaviours or habits that no longer serve us. Mercury is direct from 15th April, supporting our endeavours with clarity of thought, logical action and accurate analysis so that we do not ponder or dwell but take positive action that feels natural and freeing.

The sun encourages order and action during this new moon, helping us to take an organic, sustainable and practical approach towards achieving all that our heightened creative energies are bringing into focus for us as we visualise and will into being what we desire to experience. Our wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us during this period and we act in accordance with self respect and self power, having fun taking chances and acting on belief whilst transcending issues of insecurity and ego worship that have held us back from lighter living at previous times.

Uranus boosts our confidence by helping us to notice what it is that we can uniquely offer the world. We recognise our gifts and celebrate them through an assertive and playful approach to breaking out of our comfort zones and taking pleasure in our growth and freedom. Life is exciting and fresh and we are lifted by an energy of newness and liberation that guides us to move into a more graceful way of living.

This new moon is a time of advancement, success, authenticity and action; we are clear on our gifts and our potential and what we want to achieve right now and enthusiastic about the plans we are making. We feel brave and bold and able to present ourselves to the world because we are dynamic, energised, revitalised and raring to go. We are present, too, concentrated on the tasks at hand, enjoying the momentum carrying us forwards and making the most of it to grow, connect, expand and express ourselves beyond the constraints of the ego or concerns of outside judgement or criticism. Here we are and we are ready to make the most of it!