New Moon in Cancer, July 2018

This month’s New Moon in Cancer at 3:47 a.m. on 13th July is a powerful time to reclaim our right to health, to wholeness, to boundaries and to taking action from intuition without the need to defend or explain our choices or the messages we are receiving.

We are in a position now to look at our life as whole without regret, panic or shame as we come full circle in our latest period of self discovery and realisation. We see the innocence and programming that led to our choices and the strength and resilience that has kept us expanding and moving forwards.

Because of our growth, we have now expanded beyond familiar patterns of understanding, no matter how enlightened and evolutionary they once seemed to us to be and we are called to move past the restriction of beliefs and explore new waters that are boundless, free and that return us to the simplicity of intuitive living.

This growth guides us in our physical lives to make conscious decisions about how we spend our time and who with. Cancer is focused on safety and we see with fresh eyes now what in our lives may be compromising our right to feel safe and what we are unwilling to tolerate. This leads us to create healthy boundaries from a place of complete trust in our desire to be well and supported and to make decisions that are in alignment with our spiritual truth and core values.

It is also time to break down some of the boundaries we had put up in the past and let ourselves take up the space in the world that we are yearning to. We don’t have to act small. We don’t have to hide away. We don’t have to be ashamed of who we were before we opened up to who we really are. Every moment offers a fresh start and we are interested now in how we react to life, how we process it and how we can shape our experience to create a new reality that manifests all that we are ready to ask for.

The energies at play now are strengthened by the partial solar eclipse at 2:48 a.m. BST which lengthens the time we have to work with this month’s new moon energy and supports us in our commitment to welcoming our shadows into the light so that we can operate from truth and awareness rather than the conditioning and programming of the subconscious mind. We are not in shame or blame but in love and faith as we do the work now to uncover who we really are and be present to the choices we have to expand and evolve.

There is nothing hard feeling about this new moon, despite it revealing so much to us, we feel safe and secure and supported. Cancer is nurturing and mothering and we feel well looked after now which is making it feel simple for us to grow.

Cancer is also the sign of the home and family and we are directed to get our homes and closest relationships in order and to create a life that promotes wellbeing, comfort and relaxation. However, we are mostly called to do this work within, uncluttering our minds, eliminating old beliefs, forgiving and moving on from past grudges, living from love, making space for flow and connecting with the safety and security of our true home within.