New Moon in Capricorn, January 2019

The New Moon in Capricorn at 1:28 a.m. GMT on 6th January is a time of complete transformation as we reassess how we think of ourselves and how we interact with, take part in and work in the world. Self love is in the air now and if we connect with trust in who we are and our oneness with Universal consciousness, we can support ourselves as never before and in doing so support others.

Now is a time of considering our motivation for the things we do and want in life. Are we loving life and living from a desire to explore and celebrate it or are we trying to achieve particular outcomes in order to feel a certain way and prove ourselves to the world? What would we feel like if we started to practice non attachment and instead allowed life to flow, enjoying the ride and the peace of presence as we did? How might we do things differently if we acted from joy rather than to achieve it?

Our inner guidance is ready and waiting to lead us and if we tune in during this period, we will be blown away by how life unfolds. Not only will it feel lighter and easier, it will free up the time we would otherwise spend trying to choose the right path. Intuitively we know what to do and when to do it and if we pass over the reins to our inner wisdom, synchronicities and other signs from the Universe will arrive to let us know we are headed in the right direction.

This is the first month of a new year and yet this New Moon we can relax into a graceful state of living that allows us to treat ourselves gently and with indulgence. There are no overbearing rules and regulations when we live from love, only a tuning into our inner knowing and abundant good feeling. When we do, we allow ourselves to be well on every level with no punishment, hard labour or rigid ideas about how we should be living.

Utilising the energy of the solar eclipse allows us to look ahead to what it is we want to create for ourselves this year, visualising how we might get there and what we might do differently than we have done before. Self love will lead us now to find the way that is right for us to open doors that before we have felt unable to. Checking that our goals and dreams are in alignment with a higher good will also benefit us as we are inspired by a desire to make the world a happier and healthier place through our work and lifestyles.

As we make our way into this new year, we are able to uncover our strength and resilience in the face of behaviour from others that we feel distant from, confused by or find hard to understand. We have the ability to regulate our emotions and create a new way of living that frees our bodies and minds from the past and allows us to be kind and patient in the present. We can practice this daily in meditation, through journalling or other pursuits that clear our minds and allow us to connect with all that is.

Whilst we do have moments of reaction, we can work to bring ourselves back to love as soon as possible so that when we react, we react for less time. Now is a wonderful time for us to overlook the need to blame ourselves or others for our choices, instead recognising the desire to default to old behaviour when it comes up and choosing something more freeing, healthy and peaceful for ourselves instead.