New Moon in Gemini, June 2018

This month’s new moon in Gemini at 8:43 p.m. BST is a time to explore our approach to life. Gemini is known as the sign of duality and this new moon encourages us to reflect on lightness and darkness, our superficial and deep thoughts, our knowledge born of experience and that within called wisdom.

Now is the time for us to question what we really know about life and how we really feel about it, seeing through the inherited and conditioned approaches we have come to identify with and listening to the truth within that has a greater and more expansive understanding about how we can take part in the world and enjoy our time here.

Just as we are aware of our light and truth, we are also aware of the unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour that we have adopted over the course of our lives that some refer to as our darkness or our shadow side. We have a powerful choice to make now when it comes to which direction we choose to look in or which wolf we feed and being conscious of the thoughts we follow and the actions we take will help us to feel which way makes best sense to us and allow us to see the impact this has on those around us.

Gemini is a social sign so impulses now to connect with others, begin a community or join a movement will lead us to be more open and willing to making ourselves more visible to others. The world is a big and beautiful place full of people wanting to find others they can spend time with, share ideas with and enjoy life with, so now is a brilliant time to let our light shine and our love for fun and happiness be known because we will find that light and easy encounters can also lead to deep and fulfilling connections. At the same time, we are understanding that the behaviour of others is personal to them and not personal to us, freeing us of the need to hide away or be wary of living life on our own terms whilst helping us to form lasting relationships that are not emotionally wrought or intense.

Mars boosts our willpower now making this new moon an excellent time for setting long term goals and intentions. We can dig deep and uncover our strength, our passion and our fiery drive to live the lives we know we were destined for and become the people we wish to be. Mercury in Cancer balances this drive so that we are logical in our approaches whilst open to our intuition and conscious of the choice we have as to which direction we look in, towards illumination or darkness, which will help us to remain true to our vision, forsaking the superficial concerns that may have hampered us in the past in favour of a brave and true feeling that we know the right course for us and we have the means to take it.

We are on the cusp of new experiences and opening up to the knowledge of the spiritual will guide us towards breakthroughs and forward movement. When we don’t know our next step from our present mindset and perspective, it is an opportunity to tune out of our thoughts and into the quiet wisdom within. When we don’t know, we are acknowledging that our accumulated Earthly knowledge cannot lead us to where we want to go and we are ready for new experiences guided by new understandings and insights that we have not previously encountered or experienced. This new moon will help us to listen deeply to our innate wisdom and intuition which deliver truly enlightening answers and guidance for navigating and exploring life.

We have the choice now as to which path we take and where we want our lives to lead and the resilience and intelligence to make the decisions that are right for us. The more we uncover our truth and let go of what does not serve us, the more confident we feel when it comes to taking steps to achieving what we want to and unleashing our brilliance on the world.

We are always being called to open up to the guidance of a higher consciousness and we find now that when we pay attention, we connect deeply with the knowledge and surety that we are seeking. Meeting ourselves now in love and truth will help us discern where we don’t want to keep giving our attention and where we can change our approach to life. Allowing ourselves to be gentle and kind whilst firm and decisive will see us making changes where we want and need to with feelings of peace, love, joy and compassion that keep us rooted in faith and open to flow.