New Moon in Leo, August 2018

The New Moon in Leo at 10:57 a.m. BST on 11th August is a time of creativity, passion, love, connection and strength. We know ourselves, we feel our truth, we see our beauty, we extend this towards others, we ask for support where we need it, we forge ahead, we are guided by intuition and are less attached to our personal thinking.

Right now we feel a sense of great energy, determination and drive. We are creative and capable, setting intentions, working hard to reach our goals and reaping the awards of achievement. Looking to our community for support, we are able now to confidently ask for help and guidance when we need it, whilst working on our own initiative and to our own timeline.

We are self reflective, understanding again on a deeper level that we are in control of the way we are affected by others and our insights now guide us to be less interested in our immediate emotional responses than we have been in the past and experience a distance from habits and patterns of feeling.

We are strong, we are whole and we are confident in our intuition and inner wisdom to lead the way now. We trust in our innate abilities and how they will inform our actions, choices and decisions and we do not feel concerned about outcomes because we are so present and centred.

This is also a time for us to reflect on our treatment of others, are we always fair and kind and accepting? Might we be able to be more respectful of our loved ones, their opinions and choices and actions? How can we treat them better in order to strengthen our connection and bolster the good feeling in our family, friendship groups or communities?

Asking for guidance from the Universe now will yield answers and results. Dropping out of our thinking and asking for clarity on anything we need to get clear on will bring us to a greater awareness of how we operate and conduct ourselves and how we might change things or adapt to circumstances to make our lives unfold more smoothly.

Living from love now will impact us more than anything else we do and practising loving kindness towards ourselves and others will help us to feel whole, healthy and joyful. Life is a game we are playing and we can play it any way we wish but we feel best about it, we enjoy it more and we do well when we play it with love.

The partial solar eclipse brings an end to something that we feel has been causing us distress and suffering for a while. We see now what we have been holding onto and where our ideas and thoughts on the matter have been causing us pain. We experience a new understanding on the issue and our own agency that clears space for closure, healing and moving forwards.

New Moon intentions this month can be set from an energy of peace, acceptance and flow. What we set in motion now will lead us more closely to realising the lives we have been yearning for a long time and yet when we need to, we can change our plans and allow ourselves to be calm and flexible about doing so.