New Moon in Leo, July 2017 by Blake Baxley

The fire is heating up this month with the first of two New Moons in Leo. The New Moon is exact on 23rd July 2017 at 10:45 am BST when the Sun and Moon come together at 0° Leo. Alongside the Sun and Moon is feisty Mars bringing a lot of energy to this month’s New Moon power and energy. This energy carries with it a feeling of urgency regarding living life to the fullest and finding reasons to celebrate. This is a great time to get clear on what those look like for each of us and to let our ideas and dreams shine all over.

With Mars bringing some serious passion to this month’s New Moon it is a great time to ignite what has been wanting to burn all summer long. It may be a creative activity, a new romance or a project that has been left in a box at the bottom of a cupboard. Whatever is wanting to come out and shine, now is the time to let it rip and roar. Creativity is on fire right now and this means it is time to sink into the heart’s desires and deep intuition and see what is ready to be manifested. Now is the time that confidence and ambition can come together and make it through the fires of Leo, so the chance to begin something new or something with someone new can be actualised.

New Moon in Leo craves the luxurious lifestyle and is also a great time for practicing self love. Spoiling ourselves now will open our hearts, increase our confidence and wellbeing and allow us to shine.

Fire is the element of the month, which has everything to do with will, spirit, creativity, courage and our drive inward and upward. With the watery moon being taken over by the force of fire it can give us the chance to change anything in our lives that has been lacking in action in some way. What we start at this point in the month will have time to flourish by the full moon if we are able to give it the work and time it deserves. So when we are making a New Moon intentions list this month, remember that the sky is the limit. It is important here to connect to the lunar self and see what gives us a sense of pleasure and playful amusement. Stepping into the watery lunar self will help to counter balance the egoism of Leo and allow us to drive forward in authentic splendour.

Blake Baxley is a professional Archetypal Diviner who uses Astrology, Tarot and the I Ching to offer guidance from the stars, the cards, the coins, the psyche and the cosmos.