New Moon in Libra, October 2017 by Blake Baxley

This month’s New Moon in Libra, on 19th October at 20:12 BST, is seeking for us to jump into a higher state of being. The Moon and Sun come together at 26° Libra with Uranus exactly opposite at 26° Aries. All of this air and fire energy at work allows us to feed the fire of our own understanding, particularly in regards to our relationships, where there is balance and imbalance and how we express ourselves within them.

This is the right time to examine what in our relationships is working and what has ceased serving us. Where is there balance and where have things become completely out of wack? Where are we taking care of ourselves and where are we taking care of others? Where are others taking care of us? Now is a time of enlightenment within our partnerships, both romantic, familial, platonic and business, that allows us to see how we are relating to one another, making the balance or the imbalance in our relationships a hot spot for our thoughts and discussion. It is important that we allow ourselves time alone to reflect before engaging in deep conversation with our partner.

Uranus opposite this New Moon creates space for inward reflections and insights that can be quite remarkable. These will ultimately come from being with and around those we are in relationships with. Within these pairings we will be able to expand upon our previous visions of self and reach higher levels of consciousness, psychologically and spiritually, by connecting with our true self and exploring our identity, particularly as it relates to others in our lives.

Not only is this New Moon a time geared to restoring balance and seeking to explore and create stability in our relationships, it is also encouraging us to rise up to a higher state of being. Libra invites us to connect with the heart space now which allows us to reflect on the beauty of our world and seek balance between emotional and psychological reflection. When we are writing our New Moon wish lists this month, let’s remember that we should seek balance and aim to rise up to meet our highest potential, especially in our relationships with others and ourselves.

Blake Baxley is a professional Archetypal Diviner who uses Astrology, Tarot and the I Ching to offer guidance from the stars, the cards, the coins, the psyche and the cosmos.