New Moon in Sagittarius, December 2018

The New Moon in Sagittarius at 7:20 a.m. GMT on 7th December is a potent time of self realisation, connection with source and heart led discovery. We are urged to reflect on who we really are and experience a distance from the conceptualised self in order to stop operating from its belief systems and open up to a way of living that is more in line with Divine wisdom, loving intelligence and Universal truth.

Now is the time for us to step beyond the confines of our limitations, not by trying to fix the conceptualised self but by seeing through it. The identity we believe in and project out into the world is a fiction, a figment of our imaginations and we are guided now to move beyond its boundaries by seeing them for what they are, illusions born of a sense of separation from all that we truly are.

We have a desire to live peacefully now, to tread lightly upon the Earth connecting with all of life, responding to others with love and acceptance and living from compassion and a soft approach to getting things done. We feel intuitively now that we do not have to struggle or force in order to experience all that we desire, we can instead allow the energy of life to move through us and to us, guiding us to flow with it as we accomplish all that we need and wish to.

As we distance ourselves from the personal, we also begin to see through the suffering caused by paying attention to what others think of us. In truth we are not separate from them but whilst on Earth, it feels that way and childhood traumas and memories often result in us feeling as if we need to be loved and accepted by everyone in order to love and accept ourselves. We can let these misconceptions go now as we see beyond the idea of a separate, flawed and lacking self and connect more deeply with our spiritual truth of wholeness, wellness and innate worth.

As we do, we find that we are called now to express ourselves from a space of confidence and right. We are allowed to speak freely and truly from the wellbeing within us and we do not need to withhold ourselves out of fear. As we begin to uncover truth and wisdom within, we may come up against the ego which creates anxiety and tension. We can move through this by bringing our awareness continually to the present moment, relaxing our bodies and taking deep, healing breaths as we do.

During this New Moon, we have the opportunity to see that the answers we seek truly are within us. We are far more powerful than we know and if we take time every day to tune into our intuition and intelligence, we will find that the map to the lives we desire are to be found inside of us.

Taking action now to explore who we really are and what we know innately from the space of love and heartfelt openness, will lead us to discover a whole world of wisdom within that guides us to transform the way we view ourselves and the world around us, whilst gently and tenderly transcending and let go of all that no longer serves us and does not support our new world view.