New Moon in Scorpio, November 2017 by Blake Baxley

This month’s New Moon in the watery sign of Scorpio sees the Sun and Moon come together to signify the new lunar phase on November 18th at 11:42 a.m. GMT. As Scorpio season comes to an end, this New Moon has some powerful messages for us to process about our darker sides before we move on to fiery Sagittarius season, making for a sexy, seductive and transformational New Moon. Venus in the sky next to the Sun and Moon is striving for harmony and balance between the masculine and the feminine sides of ourselves and in our relationships, particularly those of a romantic nature.

The Sun and Moon together in the sky gives us a head start to seeking balance in our lives and along with the Scorpio energy that helps us share with others, makes for the ideal time to show off our sexy and secretive sides to the person we love. Whether this is a side of ourselves that has been in shadow waiting to get out into the light and shine, an unguarded and vulnerable side that we now allow to be seen or desires we are ready to explore that we have until now shied away from or denied.

Scorpio also encourages us to cleanse the body and mind by letting go, forgiving and resetting our lives, as well as reflecting on the areas we are trying to control. With Venus in the mix seeking harmony in relationships, bringing emotions out of the dark and into the light allows us to utilise the New Moon energy to make peace with them and let them go. It is important for us to release any grudges and resentments that have been using up our energy, especially those pertaining to love. Anything that has been playing on repeat in our minds and disturbing our peace is ready to move on during this New moon. Rather than struggle with behaviour that no longer serves us, acknowledging it allows us to let it go and wash away.

The intensity of this New Moon is palpable and we can process and engage with it by simply remembering to breathe and centre ourselves. This New Moon has the potential to be an especially creative time and we can harness this energy to manifest intentions for the good of all. The Sun, the Moon and Venus are all in Scorpio aiding us in our New Moon wishes this month. We can let go of feelings of guilt or shame and refocus on our most profound and deep desires. When it comes to our New Moon wishlist, commitments made under the Scorpio New Moon can have some serious staying power, giving us the energy and focus we need to manifest.

Blake Baxley is a professional Archetypal Diviner who uses Astrology, Tarot and the I Ching to offer guidance from the stars, the cards, the coins, the psyche and the cosmos.