New Moon in Virgo, September 2017 by Blake Baxley

On Wednesday 20th September the New Moon takes place in sensible and pragmatic Virgo in a dynamic relationship with Saturn. Virgo is a down to Earth sign that thrives on attention to detail. This month’s New Moon is all about getting ourselves organised by taking inventories, writing lists and sorting through our lives so that we can manifest all that we want in the coming Full Moon. What dreams and ambitions do we have and what action are we willing to take in order to bring them about? Saturn’s energy brings a deeper focus to the at times worrisome and overly critical nature of Virgo bringing a serious and analytical focus to our responsibilities and acts of service.

As we begin to pay attention to the tiny details of our daily routines this New Moon, we will start to see exactly how they are or are not serving us. We can look at our practices and habits in areas of spirituality, health, diet, exercise, hygiene, environment and self care and take inventory of our routines in order to see how they make us feel. We are being given time to notice and pay attention to our habits and to see where we would like to change, grow and evolve into something more and how our routines can help us do this. With detail oriented Virgo, there is an inclination to be overly critical of ourselves and our surroundings so it’s important to be kind to ourselves and avoid bringing a negative slant to our inventories.

With Saturn in idealistic Sagittarius in a dynamic relationship to this month’s New Moon, there is an added weight to analytical Virgo. It is time to pay attention to our responsibilities and see where and how we can be of maximum service to the world, our community, our family and of course to ourselves. This means that along with the daily habits we have been looking over, it is also a good time to take inventory of other responsibilities. This is a perfect time to analyse our finances and career paths. Creating and sticking to a budget and taking inventory of our daily spending can be beneficial now. Looking for work, asking for a raise in a current job and focusing on what we wish to see happen in our career will encourage us to question, ‘What is my dream job?’ and ‘How am I of service in the work that I do?’

In paying attention and taking inventory of our daily habits, routines and responsibilities, it is also important to make some concrete New Moon wishes. Our New Moon intention lists might be ideal morning and evening routines, new diet or exercise plans or even a house cleaning to do list or a daily self care routine. Whatever it is, now is the time to use our daily practices to treat ourselves to some much needed love and self care. As we move through the conscientious and attentive energy of the Virgo New Moon, let’s do our best not to be overly critical of ourselves. This is a time for mindful analysis, positive change and being of service and there is nothing better than being of service to ourselves.

Blake Baxley is a professional Archetypal Diviner who uses Astrology, Tarot and the I Ching to offer guidance from the stars, the cards, the coins, the psyche and the cosmos.