New Moon in Sagittarius, December 2017

The New Moon in fiery Sagittarius on 18th December at 6:30 a.m. GMT is a time of recognition, self discovery and commitment to energising our lives. Sagittarius, the sign of confidence and action is concerned with higher learning, teaching and sharing knowledge and this New Moon offers a new beginning that encourages us to learn from the old and forge on with the new.

Bolstered by the loving energies of Venus, the positivity of Uranus and the self important aspects of Saturn, this New Moon is a time for us to stand up and be counted. Indulging in self care, acting in ways that we find respectful of ourselves and others and supporting friends and family whilst maintaining our own freedom are all acts of healthy independence that will serve us well now.

Utilising Saturn’s energies of structure, discipline and development make this New Moon a wonderful time for setting powerful intentions and beginning new projects. Venus’ spiritual focus will align us with our highest good, whilst Uranus bridges the gap between the material and spiritual to bring about harmony whilst guiding us to embrace and create what is new and exciting.

The adaptive energy of Sagittarius will help us transition from outmoded forms of thinking and being into more intuitive and life affirming ways of living and experiencing. This New Moon encourages us to reassess our lives and confidently and considerately create something better for ourselves and others.

New Moon Intentions:

I will not energise thoughts that don’t serve me.

I will not cling to the known.

I will embrace the wisdom within

I will confidently act in my best interests.

I do not need an excuse to say no.

I do not need an excuse to say yes.

I treat myself and others with peace and compassion.

I explore new perspectives on my relationships with others.

I am curious about my place in the world.

I embrace the unknown.

I allow myself to upgrade my life in all areas.