New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 2017 by Blake Baxley

On 21st August we will be getting this year’s second New Moon in Leo, this time with the added abundance of a Solar Eclipse. There is a lot of cosmic energy at play and celestial power to take advantage of this month. The portal is open wide to the great beyond this Lunar cycle.

The New Moon at 28° Leo and Uranus at 28° Aries makes for a harmonious trine between the two. This connection will create a path for the Uranian force of change to flow right into this already magnificent New Moon. Uranus is all about freedom, revolution, sudden change and rebellion. Adding its multivalent energies into the mix of this fiery New Moon in Leo can make things a tad bit hyphy – dangerous and irrational, eccentric without inhibition – but we must not let this scare us. Rather we can let it remind us that the energies of the cosmos are influencing our psyche and it is our responsibility to work with them, rather than let them take over. We can use this opportunity to figure out where this energy is needed in our lives and create out of the ordinary and spontaneous changes through our New Moon intentions.

On top of the hyphy energy surrounding this second New Moon in Leo, Mars is still riding next to the Sun in the sky giving this New Moon an added boost of expansive and fast moving yang energy, just like the last one. How did the last Full Moon in Aquarius pan out? Did we manifest any of our intentions? Have we come to realise we were not quite precise enough in our wishes? Maybe we got precisely what we asked for and then realised it was not actually what we wanted at all. Well here is a do over, only this time the New Moon is even more potent. Our intentions for the last New Moon may ride on over to this New Moon’s wish list. This time we can ask ourselves what clarity around our wants and needs has come up during the last cycle that will enable us to more clearly identify what we want in this next cycle.

Mercury is retrograde during this New Moon, allowing us to think deeply about our lives and to tap into a sacred awareness that is ever present during Mercury Retrograde. When Mercury appears to be going backwards, it is important to feel into the energy rather than experiencing chaos. We can embrace the space being created for deeper thought and communication with the transcendent realm. This will allow us a much needed slowing down to connect more deeply with the Solar Eclipse and all the powers of the New Moon in order to utilise them to manifest what we desire in our lives.

Solar Eclipses are remarkably rare and have energy beyond just the monthly New Moon. As precious witnesses to this phenomena, we will be sorely mistaken if we think we are not affected by this ecstatic dance of the cosmos. It is time to drink it all in – the hyphy and the fire, the spontaneous and the change – and take our time as we listen to our inner most selves as we write out our intentions for the month to come. Some say this is not the time to make long and hard decisions but it can actually be a wonderful time for us to meditate long and hard about the intentions we wish to set in motion. Let us sincerely pause and think about what it is we are looking for in our lives. What changes do we want to make this next cycle that will inevitably impact our distant future? Change is on the horizon, so let us welcome its energy and take an active role in the transformations to come.

Blake Baxley is a professional Archetypal Diviner who uses Astrology, Tarot and the I Ching to offer guidance from the stars, the cards, the coins, the psyche and the cosmos.