No Old Thoughts

Hi friends, it’s Lucy here. During meditation a few days ago, I felt myself to be in a space complete and empty blackness. It was comforting and I was relaxed and I heard the words, No Old Thoughts. As soon as I did, it seemed like such an obvious solution to dealing with the old thinking we get caught up in and the old thoughts we grab hold of to obsess over once again.

Since then it’s been an innate response when my focus and attention land on old thoughts. Immediately, I hear the phrase and drop hold of them. I don’t even get as far as getting involved in thinking about them, it’s as if I instantly recognise they have no value for me and let them go.

What’s so easy about this is that it’s so instant, it doesn’t feel like I’m having to do anything, I’m simply guided in any moment to see an old thought for what it is – in this case, something I’ve spent much time on already – and I let it flow by without thinking about it or trying to approach it from a new angle yet again.

This is extremely freeing and I share this experience because yet again my intuitive wisdom is ready and able to best guide me beyond what I might come up with from my logical mind. My intellect likes to find and assign meaning, it likes to process and understand but when it attempts to do so from the energy of old or unhelpful thinking, no true processing happens.

When I drop out of that thinking into the impersonal space of wisdom, I allow myself to settle into an energy of truth and insight. I process what I need to from a calm and collected mind that is conducive to digesting my experiences in a way that allows me to grow and move on from them. From the intellect I feel an urge to try to make sense of things without allowing myself to return to the space of peace and wellbeing beforehand.

Over and again, I am reminded that within me I have access to the good feeling I seek and the knowledge to guide me to operate from it. Whether we meditate to uncover it or have a different method that works or have yet to find our way to connect with it or trust in it, within is the wisdom that can guide us to navigate life successfully and support us through challenge, change and transition.

For me, it is the simplest insights that bypass the logical mind that lead to the greatest shifts because my intellect is rarely satisfied with simple; it always wants more. But what more can there be than the endless, vast, timeless space of consciousness that we are of, that we were created by and that is available to help us find our way back to its knowledge and wisdom when we decide to?