No One Has It All Figured Out

There’s a reason leaders in the field of self love, self development and self help keep releasing books, organising new speaking tours and updating their websites. None of us has it all figured out. Not even them.

And we aren’t supposed to. If life is a journey, we only have one final destination and until then we walk a path of education, knowledge and growth. People release new material because they have new insights, they make new connections and they realise new truths as they figure it out in one area only to come across another where enlightenment eludes them.

We all have our blind spots. We may have it figured out in one area but have others that we just can’t seem to get to grips with. They look different to us than other things we’ve tackled and until we understand the lesson, opportunity or specific way of dealing with them that we are meant to uncover, we don’t have it figured out there. And when we finally do and our perspective shifts and clarity occurs, something else happens in another area of our lives that takes us on another learning curve which leads to further expansion and development.

If one thing is true it’s that as soon as we do think we have it all figured out, a new challenge, person or event comes along to teach us that there is yet more to this mystical experience called life than we’d believed. Just when we think we know how it all works, the ground is pulled from under our feet but if we pay attention to the learnings available, we find we transcend our previous level of consciousness and get to explore new ground within the fields of psychology, spirituality and form.

When we have moments of doubt or insecurity because we don’t have it all together yet, we can let the ‘yet’ go and start to relax into our experience. No one has it all figured out. What would be the point if we did? We thrive on progression and when we stop progressing we stagnate. Being grateful for the lessons we have learned and excited about the ones yet to come changes our perspective so that instead of fearing that we are doing something wrong in life, we get curious about what it is we haven’t seen yet.

This wonderful, beautiful, challenging, mind bending experience isn’t over until it’s over. And before then, we can expect constant opportunities to look beyond the veil, uncover yet more illusions and figure it all out in more and more areas as we go.

Header image: The Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh