Non Judgemental Self Awareness

Self awareness is a vehicle for positive change and evolution when we take a non judgemental approach. We all want to feel well and live well and act well and we are closer to doing so when we disengage from the judgemental chatter of the mind and operate from wisdom and clarity.

So often we are aware of thoughts and behaviours that we wish to let go of or free ourselves from but when we view these as bad or negative, we lose the sense of the love and wellbeing within us that we are trying to operate from.

At our core we are spiritual beings, unlimited in our potential to experience peace and wholeness. When we get caught up with feelings of guilt or doubt or shame or insecurity, we obscure our true nature and create an illusory self made up of feelings of failure, regret, lack.

We find that people who are caught up in this illusion seek out ways of pointing others in the direction of their own faults. There is a saying, ‘Hurt people hurt people’ and when we are all busy focusing on our faults, trying to feel better by convincing others they have faults too, we get lost in a cycle of negativity, pessimism, arrogance and despair.

But the point of self awareness isn’t to work out what is wrong with us or other people, rather to uncover what is right. Noticing when we act and behave in ways that are incongruent with who we wish to be and make us feel other than how we wish to feel allows us to question our thoughts and beliefs and actions.

Deciding to practise self awareness allows us to choose which path we take when those thoughts and feelings arise again. Who is it that we want to be? How can we become that person if we keep focusing on old thoughts and repeating old behaviours? What other way may we proceed?

Inevitably as we change we come up against other people who insist they know who we are or misunderstand us and insist on trying to focus us on what they see as our negative points. And that’s OK. They are operating from a limited paradigm. They are free to misread us and judge us because when we refuse to judge ourselves on our journey of self realisation, their opinions – based on a belief system that veils the truth of who we are – cannot confine us or define us.

Who we are as personalities is ever shifting and changing depending on the thoughts we focus on and follow. Beneath our personalities is a whole and stable self connected to the universal consciousness that is divine in nature and love in essence. When we understand this, we gain insight into our ability to choose who we might become and this allows us to let go of judgements about our perceived failings because we don’t need to wrestle with something that isn’t real.

There are no limits to how we might change but we live in a society focused on assessing, labelling and boxing us in. When we come to realise that through non judgemental awareness we can see how we self label, self assess and self imprison, we can begin to change our thought patterns, emotions and behaviours to those more in line with our true selves and our true potential.

Life is not about being perfect but rather about being curious enough to explore our capacity for positive evolution. This is a more joyful and successful process when we do it without judgement and instead take action from a mindset that is respectful of the true self within.

Header image: Morning on the Seine near Giverny, Claude Monet