Noticing Tension

Often during the day we hold tension in different parts of our bodies with no conscious awareness that we are doing so. Taking a few minutes at regular intervals to scan our bodies for tension allows us to relax and can help us uncover the underlying beliefs and inherited behaviours that are leading us to create it.

When we notice tension, we not only allow ourselves to release it, we naturally reflect on why it was there. Why were our shoulders hunched up, our jaws clenched, our hands held in tight fists? What were the thoughts we were obsessing over or giving time to that resulted in us physically becoming tight and closed?

There are many reasons we carry tension. We replicate the behaviour of those we spend time with, adopting other people’s beliefs and attitudes. We feel stuck, trapped, unable to deal with life so we keep ourselves as small as we can in a state of defence. We are habitual worriers and the stress we carry in our bodies is familiar so that we no longer notice we are not relaxed.

Noticing tension leads us to look at why we are tense and consider the way we invest our energy mentally and physically. When we consciously relax our bodies, we loosen our grip on the thoughts we’ve been battling with and that have directed us to battle with life and we begin to feel a little easier about things, a little looser, a little more in flow.

The body is intelligent and we are always being cued in by the physical experience we are creating to see how we approaching life and dealing with it. When we allow the physical to guide us in recognising how we are thinking, we get an insight into our state of mind which helps us to consider its helpfulness and lead us to choose a new way for ourselves.

Making body scanning a daily practice encourages us to live from conscious awareness of our dominant mindset, our belief systems, our habits and our repetitive behaviours. Taking a simple approach to looking at the way we live can set us on a path to wellness. A simple practice of noticing tension can help us relieve it and from there let go of and reprogramme the paradigms we invest in and build upon that create tension and keep it in place.