Discovery Sessions

Hi Friends, it’s Lucy here, creator of The Love Place.

Before creating this space, I worked as a wellbeing coach, offering a specific paradigm to help people who felt very lost rediscover their wellbeing and potential. I enjoyed this work but expanded beyond what I was offering and wanted a break to realign my focus, my vision and get clear on what it is that I can offer people.

I am no longer comfortable applying to myself terms such as coach, mentor, advisor, guide. I offer the space for people to investigate possibility and question the beliefs and opinions that are holding them back. I believe that we all have the potential to succeed in life because we are all connected to the energy of wellbeing that is universal consciousness, light, love, God, the divine.

Discovery Sessions are designed to help you connect with your potential in any area and rediscover clarity, insight and self confidence. They can often be confronting and I want the people I work with to be comfortable with moving past what they think they know in order to open up to something far greater.

I don’t offer packages or paradigms.

It is important to me that the people I work with book sessions because they are curious about opening up to who they truly are and understand that their unique and individual expression of consciousness will respond to a unique and individual discovery session.

I want people to be comfortable with the price they are paying and not feel pressured into booking more time than they want because of a deal or offer.

This is the way in which I am comfortable working and is in no way a judgement on the packages and paradigms offered by other wonderful and talented coaches, advisors, mentors or guides.

I offered Discovery Sessions for a short period last year but pulled back again. I enjoy anonymity. I do not want to be out there promising miracle results and having people follow ‘me’. I can only offer the space for positive change and realisation. I won’t promise to do it for you because I can’t. I am not a brand. The Love Place is a space for celebrating this life that is love and whilst I share my insights here in the hope that they inspire yours, it is not about me.

Discovery Sessions are about you. I am able to intuit or zone in on areas where people are held back from realising their potential, their worth and their happiness and I feel that helping people get clear on these and realise their wellbeing is a gift that I have been blessed with. This year I want to help you realise your gifts and discover a way of being in the world that best honours your truth.

I feel that I am able to do this without making myself the selling point. You are the selling point. Your absolute ability to succeed is the focus here.

“Tear off the mask, your face is glorious.”

– Rumi