Operating from an Elevated Consciousness

We all understand that a higher level of awareness is available to us than we mostly operate from in our day to day lives. It is an elevated consciousness that allows us to access and remember innate knowledge of who we really are and what we are really capable of. We are connected to a source of pure energy that is love, also known as the higher self, that is peaceful, kind and blissful.

When we operate from an elevated consciousness we are guided by an energy greater than our ego and our personality. We release ourselves from the created self we have come to know and become one with the self we have always been within.

We expand into a consciousness that takes us out of habitual patterns of thinking and into a vastness where feelings of love and peace are prevalent. We transcend the desire to cause ourselves pain with memories that bring up shame or guilt and intrusive thoughts have no power over us as we notice them without giving them energy to create unhelpful and unhappy emotions.

In this space, we have no hang ups about how we look, who we are, where we have been and what we have done. We ascend dimensions, no longer held back by the physical because we are a part of the spiritual. We experience pure love for ourselves and there is a simplicity to life that unfolds as we operate from an awareness of God and divine intelligence within us.

We are at one with all of life. We effortlessly break through psychological barriers that have imprisoned us into operating from unhelpful paradigms and beliefs. We flow with life, we live in grace and we enjoy our time.

When we operate from an elevated consciousness we remember truth and let go of everything else and we know that we can feel this way any time we are willing to let go of who we think we are so that there is space for us to become who we really wish to be.

We all have access to God, source, light, love. Not one of us is immune to connecting with divinity. We are divine. We are more than our physical bodies and our psychological beliefs. We are not alone, we are a part of something greater than our intellects can make sense of and when we experience it, it is feeling that guides us with thought trying to process and express how we feel.

When we operate from an elevated conscious, we are living from the space of love and wellbeing and everything we do from here is guided by the blissful truth that rests within us. We are whole and glorious and worthy. We are beauty and success and peace. We are everything we seek. There is nothing we have to do in order to feel well, we are health in its truest form. We are safe. We are home. We are with God.