Our Current Ideal Morning Routine

We have found over the years that a morning routine is important for us. Setting ourselves up for a great day is a choice that enhances our lives and we enjoy the process of practicing the self care rituals that make up our ideal routine. Flexibility is essential and as our moods change and we require different things in life, we adapt our routine to ensure we are getting the most from our time in the mornings.


It’s so important for us to begin the day with peace in our hearts and clarity of mind. Meditation is a wonderful way of easing the body out of the sleep state and reminding us of our potential and capacity for greatness and the opportunity to experience love in our day, before we encounter the wider world.

Teeth and Tongue Brush

Before we eat or drink anything, we use an ionic toothbrush to clean the teeth and tongue, first with a light brushing using activated charcoal and then with a second brushing using Periobrite toothpaste. It is important to remove toxins from the mouth before drinking and eating and using activated charcoal to remove stains and plaque build up is highly effective. Charcoal is abrasive so caution is a must so we are always sure to brush gently.


Mornings are for hydration. We begin with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice and water and prepare a cup of herbal tea to drink after 10 minutes of gentle rebounding on a Bellicon. After tea, we enjoy a glass or two of kombucha. We make our own with a Mortier Pilon Brewing Jar and scobies from Happy Kombucha and also enjoy the litre bottles of Karma Kombucha’s Pomegranate Boost which seems to be always fizzy in the larger size.


Rebounding is the perfect way for us to get lymph fluid moving freely throughout the body as well as clearing any blockages that create pain, fatigue and weight gain. As we are designed to work against gravity – walking upright for instance – jumping helps us thrive and supports healthy daily movement. Rebounding is a low impact exercise which causes the body little stress and engages the it on every level.

Body Brush

After exercising we drink our tea and get ready to shower or bathe by body brushing. Body brushing removes dead skin cells which keeps pores clear, improves circulation and aids lymphatic drainage.

Shower or Bathe

Getting clean is an opportunity for us to practice mindfulness and relax before we start our day. We always use health conscious products and our favourites at the moment are Odylique Lemongrass Bodywash and Verdura Naturalternatives Soak Crystals. It is commonplace in our stressed out and overwhelmed society for people who feel disconnected and depressed to cry in the bath or shower. Taking the opportunity instead to breathe deeply and move consciously during this time allows us to practice peacefulness and a meditative mindset that leads to a clearer perspective on life and a deeper sense of wellbeing and connection.


Whilst we drink our kombucha we make a green juice. This is generally a combination of apples, celery, cucumber, kale or spinach and lemon. Part two of breakfast is usually some kind of smoothie bowl topped with granola – we love Wild Thing’s variety – superberries such as gojis, wild blueberries and incan berries, fresh fruit like kiwis, banana or papaya and superfoods.

Be Present

Something that is of utmost importance during our morning is that we be sure not to get caught up in a rush mentality. We can be fast and calm. We can be efficient and peaceful. We can move quickly and enjoy our time. Our choices are a reflection of our state of mind in the moment and our ideal morning routine is designed to keep us feeling well and present.


Of course there are days we don’t have time for everything because we have chosen to sleep in or we have an early start. The most important thing for us to do on those days is not mind. A morning routine is a set of practices in place to enhance our lives, not a set of rules used to control them so if we miss a step, do less than usual or skip our routine completely, we are confident in our choices, grateful for our ability to make them and accepting of unforeseen circumstances that change our routine up even on days we have planned to enjoy it.

A Good Morning

There is little else less conducive to experiencing wellbeing and success than self reproach, frustrated self talk and self castigation. The sole purpose of a morning routine is to connect us with the health and peace within and without and take that feeling of connection into our day. Anything other than this is unhelpful and self defeating so even when we don’t practice our routine, we refuse to get upset about it and instead choose to focus on what is going right with our morning and look forward to our day.